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February 4, 2000

Glass Menagerie

Historically, society’s rules for people living in glass houses have been
simple and to the point — it was pretty much that one thing about the
rocks and that was it. So you can imagine Daniella Tobar’s surprise when
her short stint in a glass hut in downtown Santiago, Chile, was greeted
with what could reasonably be described as mass hysteria.


Tobar moved into the eight-foot-by-eight-foot house one block from the
presidential palace last week as part of an art project designed to make
some sort of statement about private vs. public space. Hundreds of
spectators — mostly men — gathered in front of the house to watch
the twenty-one-year-old actress/student sleep, eat, shower and shit, and the local papers ran nude pictures of the bathing beauty. But
the stunt attracted more than the leering attention of Chilean men in this
conservative, Catholic country. A lawsuit was filed, charging that the
project violates a constitutional ban on immoral conduct, and threats were
made against Tobar. And four days after she moved into the house, an
angry mob attacked a woman on the street who they thought was Tobar,
stripping her to her underwear. At that point, Tobar wisely fled her new
digs, and now it’s just an empty glass house. There’s some symbolism there somewhere, we’re sure of it.

Cupid’s Little Helper

Candy is dandy, as they say, but liquor is quicker. And Viagra? Well, the
little blue pill is a hell of a lot more useful. That’s the message being sent this Valentine’s Day by the good folks at Pfizer, who are launching an ad campaign intended to tie their wonderdrug to the holiday of love. And this time, they’re not just aiming at the oldsters: their TV ads depict a forty-something man coming on to his wife in the kitchen, presumably after taking a Viagra. The on-screen tagline follows: “This February 14th . . . be sweet . . . be playful . . . be my Valentine.” No word yet on whether Pfizer will be shaping the pills into little hearts and embossing them with pithy, sentimental slogans.

What a Super Guy

Despite the colorful tights, flamboyant cape and the fact that he’d rather save the world than sleep with Lois, Superman is not, as far as we know, gay. But Dean Cain, the actor who made his name and reputation playing that icon of middle America, is making waves with a new role in The Broken Hearts Club, a film with an all-gay cast of characters that premiered last week at Sundance. Cain, who took the role over the objections of his agent and manager, told, “You have to take a chance, you have to believe in what you believe in.” And though the one-time Man of Steel kisses another guy in the film, Cain says it was “no big deal.”

Faster, Higher, Stronger . . . and Lots More Sex!

If it’s true that, as we’ve already reported, sex before competition improves
an athlete’s performance on the field, then we might just
be in for one of the most memorable Olympic games in history when the
world descends on Sydney this summer. That’s because, with nine million
tourists expected in Australia for the twenty-seventh Olympiad, New South Wales’ legal sex industry is bracing for a brisk trade. Some brothel owners are even building new facilities to accommodate the expected surge in business. Take Catherine O’Malley, madam of Sydney’s Executive Retreat, located just a triple-jump from the Olympic village. O’Malley is building a new building next door to her existing brothel, complete with fifteen bedrooms, a fitness center, disabled access, pool tables and, of course, a cash machine. Expect some sexual Olympics.

Quotes of the Week

“It was very funny. It was like in the 1970s when they used to bring out
the midgets.”

World of Wrestling magazine editor Bill Apter, on a
controversial Madison Square Garden wrestling match last week in which
grapplin’ granny Mae Young, seventy-eight, strutted around the ring topless.

“What gay person could be happy about this? We feel the way the Von Trapp
children would feel if Dad decided to divorce Maria and marry Joan

— Writer, producer and Paramount employee Joe Keenan, on the
company’s plans to syndicate a show starring noted gay-rights opponent
Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

“I wondered who this guy was who shot up cracks of people’s asses. I never
had the respect for him that I probably should have, but I’m going to study
his movies . . . again.”

— Porn director Paul Thomas, on the death of fellow
auteur Bruce Seven.

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