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March 1, 2002

Coming to America

Feel that? Feel the electricity in the room? Yeah girl, you know what that
means, don’t you? It means Anthony Berger‘s comin’ to town!


Hang on, you don’t know who Anthony Berger is? Why, he’s only a
world-renowned Brazilian sexpert, author of the best-selling (somewhere)
Advanced Macking. (Yes, that’s the name of his book. And no, we
didn’t know him either until we read about him on something called Anyhoo, according to the Wireless Flash news service, Berger’s
heading North for Spring Break to plug a new edition of the book, and
naturally, he’s looking to score a little American booty while he’s here.
Not that that distinguishes him in any way from your average frat-row
meathead, but apparently Berger’s got some lofty goals. According to the
report, the twenty-nine-year-old Rio native — who claims to have slept with 170
women in his life — is looking to make it an even two hundred during his
stateside jaunt. But lest you ladies get think he’s just some lecherous
lothario, know this: Berger can be quite a charmer. It ain’t just the sex
that interests him, it’s the American women, since he likes his gals
full-busted and, he says, Brazilian women have breasts like “tiny cherry
pits.” Still, don’t think that a nice full set is all you need to satisfy
ol’ Anthony: the sexpert says his last sexual escapade, an orgy, was
“terrible because the girls were bored and unmotivated.” Sounds like
someone‘s blamin’ the victims, eh Anthony?

Czechs Do It with Machinery

Sex museums, those don’t impress us. Maybe back in the day, sure —
when sex was still a dirty word and sex museum a
giggle-inducing juxtaposition. But nowadays, it seems like every major city
in Europe has some variation on the theme — you know, throw together a
couple dozen nudie shots and a donkey-show video, and boom, you’ve
got yourself a tourist attraction.


Well, not Prague. No sir, Prague does it with style. Already based in one
of Europe’s hottest travel spots, curators in the Czech capitol weren’t
satisfied the notion of opening just another booty Guggenheim. So
instead, they’ve opened a Sex Machines Museum. See the key
difference there? Instead of just a bunch of porn on the wall, the SMM
features everything from SM bondage racks to electric nipple clips to
Victorian anti-masturbation devices (damn those Victorians!). “There
are sex museums in cities all over Europe,” museum operator Samuele Nubile
told the Prague Post. “We wanted to specialize in sex machines, to
show people that this also exists.” Of course, city officials wish Nubile
wouldn’t be so willing to share: “Foreigners might think we just leaped out
of the bush,” says city hall spokesman Martin Kupka. And no, we don’t
think that was meant as some sort of double-entendre.

Quotes of the Week

“I have been too lax too long in doing something really significant about

— Cutting-edge North Carolina senator Jesse Helms, speaking to
a group of Christian AIDS activists in Washington, as quoted by the
Associated Press. Helms leaves office next year after more than a century
of rampant homophobia.

“Sex makes you fast.”

— Formula One racer David Coulthard, telling why
sex before a race is a good thing.

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