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April 7, 2000

Greek Unorthodox

Does anyone remember when public sexual behavior was a bad thing for
politicians? A few weeks
we told you about Swedish councilor Goeran Eurenius, who boldly
defied his pro-feminist, anti-pornography party by continuing his
burgeoning career as a porn star. While Eurenius was in fact expelled from
the Leftist party — he remains in office as an independent — he
may serve as an inspiration to Greek parliamentary candidate Dimosthenes


The fifty-nine-year-old Verges has gained widespread notoriety in Athens
for his, uh, unconventional tactics in what has been an otherwise dull
campaign. Verges, the president of the Ecological Union of Greece, has
posed nude for campaign posters, hired topless models to hand out campaign
pamphlets and even boasted about fathering dozens of illegitimate
children, according to a Reuters report (“I believe I have children all
over the world. I’ve recognized nineteen but I think there must be about
thirty-five.”). And though his sole legislative agenda is to fight against
real Christmas trees (did we mention he’s an environmentalist?), he has
taken a more substantial political stand in the past. In 1996, when Greece
and Turkey were close to war over a deserted Aegean islet, Verges posed
nude — and in an apparent state of arousal — on the island in
question. The image was printed on campaign posters with a tagline inviting Turkey’s female prime minister, Tansu Ciller, to “Come and get it.”

Sure Beats a Lawn Jockey

Kim Mattes is dedicated to her job. She takes it home with her. No doubt her boss loves her for it. But the neighbors? Well, that’s another story.


Mattes is a stripper, and for years she’s been honing her craft
outside her Tippecanoe County duplex in central Indiana. She recently installed a black, ten-foot practice pole in her front yard, where she’s been performing her routines in a
sexy get-up as traffic passes and astonished locals gather to leer. One
neighbor told Lafayette’s Journal and Courier that he’s had
to chase “I don’t know how many guys” from his driveway, where gawkers
have been leaving beer cans. Tippecanoe County police are currently working
with the local prosecutor’s office to find a way to stop Mattes.

High-Minded Intercourse

Ah, the college years. At no other time can one mingle
so freely with the intellectual elite, sipping wine and nibbling French
cheese while chit-chatting with professors about German philosophers, Third World economics or Nineteenth Century British novelists. Or, if you
happen to be at the University of Massachusetts, porn stars and strippers.


That’s because UMass professor Richard Burt has a fixation with
pornography, and he’s parlayed that affinity into a career of scholarship
on the subjects of sexuality and censorship. And now Burt has himself been
the target of censorship, specifically for his somewhat unscholarly
website. According to the Boston Globe, Burt was asked to remove his
personal site from a university server after school administrators received
a number of complaints about its racy content. On the site, Burt — a
tenured prof whose books include Unspeakable
— boasts of “porn stars I have known” and features
photographs of his wife Betsy (“some of them shocking!!!”). Perhaps even
more shocking is the prose on the site: Burt, an English professor, says of
his wife “I am a total Betsy junkie. I really love her. She is so bright
and glamorous. And hot!” Oh, those pointy-headed academics.

Quotes of the Week

“I have to act to be sexy. I’m not very good at being a girl, for the type
of man who loves that kind of thing.”

— Actress Kim Basinger, severely underestimating herself in
the May Vanity Fair.

“I see girls, seventh and eighth graders, even sixth graders, who tell me
they’re virgins, and they’re going to wait to have intercourse until they
meet the man they’ll marry. But then they’ve had oral sex fifty or sixty

— Psychologist Dr. Wayne Warren, on accelerating teen promiscuity, in the New York Times.

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