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May 5, 2000

The Shipping News

Somewhere, Laura Schlessinger is giggling.


Last summer, you may
, the self-righteous radio “shrink” mounted a crusade against
the owner of an Orange County skate shop because he had on display a copy
of Big Brother Skateboarder, the Larry Flynt publication which
Schlessinger equated to pornography. It was, of course, a pointless crusade
BBS, as the name suggests, is about skateboarding,
not sex. Or so we all thought.


But Becky Barrington of Ellet, Ohio, could be excused if she doesn’t quite
see the distinction. Barrington is the mother of four who ordered
a gift subscription to the magazine for her fifteen-year-old skate-rat son.
But what arrived in the mail last week — wrapped in gray plastic,
natch — had nothing to do with skaters. What Barrington — and all
the magazine’s other subscribers — received was a copy of another
Flynt publication, Hustler Taboo, or “America’s Most Twisted” porn
magazine, as it bills itself. A vice president at Flynt’s publishing house told the Akron Beacon Journal that the mailing was
“a screw-up, man,” and explained that the guy responsible for the error has
been sent packing.

No, I Can’t Thursday, I’m Doing the Vacuuming

The Viagra revolution has helped a lot of men with erectile dysfunction, but until now women have been left high and, well, dry. By some accounts, as many as forty-three percent of all women experience some form of sexual dysfunction themselves — particularly that known as “female sexual arousal disorder,” the female equivalent of impotence. But that may be about to change, with a new device approved by the FDA this week.


Eros, made by the Minnesota-based UroMetrics Inc., is a handheld, prescription-only device that consists of a soft plastic cup and a tiny, battery-powered vacuum. When the cup is placed over the clitoris and the vacuum is turned on, blood is drawn to the area, aiding in arousal and


The party’s just getting started.

Jail Babes

Conservative types will forever be grousing about the “country club”
atmosphere in some of America’s prisons. Just wait till they find out what’s going on
at Colombia’s Modelo penitentiary.


After a massive gang war there left twenty-five inmates dead last week, police
conducted a raid on the Bogota facility. What they found was one hell of a
party. Unknown to the authorities, inmates had built a private sauna and
gym, were making their own booze, and conducting business using cell
phones, radios and computers — all of which they hid behind false tiles and
bricks in the walls. An even more amazing discovery at the all-male prison
was the 511 women, alleged prostitutes hired to stay for a few days at a
time. And they say crime doesn’t pay.

Quotes of the Week

“Hey, why drive a Lincoln Continental when a Karman Ghia handles better and
fits nicely into a small garage?”

Anabelle Gurwich, host of TNT’s “Dinner and a Movie,” as quoted
in the New York Post, not talking about cars

“I also like having big boobs, I must say.”

Heather Graham, getting introspective in People
magazine’s “Fifty Most Attractive Celebrities” issue.

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