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This Week in Sex   
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May 26, 2000

Nude-y Rudy?

Man, Rudy Giuliani can’t buy a break these days. Just a week ago,
the New York mayor and noted moral crusader abandoned his bid for a U.S.
Senate seat, ostensibly to focus on his battle with prostate cancer (though
some highly public revelations about the dissolution of his marriage
probably didn’t help). Now comes word that hizzoner has lost another
battle in his longtime war on sex and nudity in the Big Apple: a federal appeals
court ruled that photographer Spencer Tunick was well within his rights to
photograph one hundred naked volunteers in a Manhattan street last summer.
Initially thwarted by a court ruling in his attempt to stage the group
photo last July, Tunick, a regular
to Nerve, has since conducted regular shoots without incident.
Tunick’s lawyer, Ron Kuby, now says he’s planning another shoot in Manhattan on the
morning of June 4 — unless the mayor takes further legal action. “In
light of the new kinder, gentler, softer Rudy . . . perhaps the city will drop
it,” said Kuby. “Who knows. Perhaps the mayor will
participate.” Sure. And perhaps he’ll bring a friend.

NYPD Blue Laws

And speaking of sex and the civil servant: a newly issued NYPD handbook has
officially put the kibosh on what appear to be some highly unconventional
practices within the department. According to the New York Post, the
NYPD Patrol Guide 2000 decrees that “sexually explicit audio broadcast,
television programs or videotapes shall not be listened to, shown or viewed
in department facilities” — unless of course they’re part of an official,
ongoing investigation. The book goes on to order that premium sex cable
channels must be blocked at all NYPD station houses. Which leads to the
obvious question: How did the boys in blue ever find time to harass the

The Story of O

As if it’s not enough that Oprah Winfrey’s new magazine has sold out from
here to Singapore despite near-universal critical mockery for its New Agey
fluff, now comes news that the Talk Queen swiped the title of her magazine, O, from a German latex fetish rag.


Now granted, it’s possible that Winfrey and her publishing minions
weren’t thinking of rubber suits and dominant sex when they came up
with O — but try telling that to Ronald Brockmeyer, the publisher of the German O. He sent a letter dated May 10 to Oprah’s
publishing house demanding that she “immediately cease and desist” from
using the magazine’s name, according to an Associated Press report.
Brockmeyer, who says he owns the U.S. trademark on the name, threatened a
lawsuit, claiming that Hearst Communications is engaging in “acts of unfair
competition by trading on the reputation or similarity and goodwill
associated with my magazine.”


Could it be that the brisk sales are the result of mass confusion?

This Week in Gay Marriage

Well, if you’re a Presbyterian minister, you still can’t officiate at a gay
wedding — at least not with the blessing of the church’s General
Assembly. But you can come close. According to a ruling this week by
the church’s highest court, there’s no ordinance in the church’s Book of
Order, or constitution, which prohibits Presbyterian clergymen from
conducting “holy union” ceremonies for same-sex couples, just so long as
they’re not regarded as marriages by anyone involved. But it’s this last
point that sticks in the craw of some conservative Presbyterian ministers.
The decision was prompted by a 1998 holy-union ceremony between two men in
Dobbs Ferry, New York. An attorney for the conservative ministers told
the court this week that the two men “didn’t talk about being holy-unioned,
but about being married. They didn’t order a holy-union cake, but a wedding
cake.” Stay tuned: it’s all expected to be hashed out in late June, when
the General Assembly is scheduled to meet in Long Beach, California.

Quotes of the Week

“If he was a satisfied man, why did he come cruising round the streets
looking for sex with a prostitute? All Liz Hurley had to do was to call me
and I’d have given her some tips. I could give classes on how to keep your
man, I’m that good at it.”

— Hollywood hooker Divine Brown on the failed relationship of
her most famous client, Hugh Grant.

“I’m going to see a doctor. I have stiffness all over — just not in the
right place.”

Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto, after
being hit by a car in uptown Manhattan, as quoted in the New York

“When you look at a photo of a guy bent over with a fist up the anus, what
about this can possibly be construed as artistic?”

— Actor and man’s man James Woods, star of Showtime’s Dirty
on the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe.

“I’ve actually given up Tantric sex. What I’m trying to get Trudi into now
is Tantric shopping, where you go shopping for five hours and you don’t buy

— Musician Sting, on his wife, Trudi Styler. Though apparently
not as often.

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