This Week in Sex: 6.1.99

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May 26–June 1, 1999

Sorina used to be known as Sorin, back before she won a controversial ruling granting her Romania’s first state-funded sex change operation five years ago. Now, Sorina thinks maybe she made a mistake. Citing difficulty finding a job (her operation was broadcast live on Romanian television, so her history as a man is hardly secret) and the conviction that she had the soul of a man all along, Sorina expressed her desire to have the original court ruling overturned and have the procedure reversed, once again at the government’s expense. While the court’s decision is still outstanding, Sorina’s doctor said that a reversal would not be a problem — “Unless by reversal she means have her penis back. That would be a problem.”


In better news for the penis, a new condom called the “inSpiral” — which features a bulging, spiral-shaped pouch at the tip — is being shipped to pharmacies and specialty stores across the country. U.S. District Judge Joseph Greenaway of Newark, New Jersey, ruled that the condom does not infringe on Portfolio Technologies’ patent on the Pleasure Plus condom. Both prophylactics were designed by Dr. Alla Venkata Krishna Reddy — the man dubbed the “Leonardo Da Vinci of condoms” by Condomania’s founder, Adam Glickman — and both offer a looser fit around the penis head. (According to the Condomania website, this latter feature “[allows] the nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, while the friction caused by the extra moving latex [produces] oodles of sensation.”) Asked to comment on the ruling, Robert Smith, a lawyer with the firm representing Portfolio Technologies, said, “We’re kind of deflated now.”


In Maine this week, the Department of Human Services ordered a group home for the disabled to lift its bans on pornography and sexual activity or risk losing its license. Monique Dostie, who runs the home, is a Roman Catholic and teaches her residents to rely on God rather than sex. However, state law requires that mentally retarded adults have a right to masturbation, consensual sex and pornographic material.


Moving over to Norway, Anne-Mette Smette, a former hospital midwife, is incubating an abandoned bird’s egg in her cleavage until the eventual hatching, believed by Smette to be several weeks away. In the meantime, loving husband Knut has been told to keep his hands off. “Right now, it’s look but don’t touch,” he told a Norwegian daily.


In Maryland, just two days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools can be held liable for failing to protect students from sexual harassment by fellow students, a ten-year-old boy was charged with assault for snapping the bras of five girls. The boy has been advised against presenting the “if God hadn’t wanted boys to snap bras he wouldn’t have made them stretchy” argument in court.

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