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June 2, 2000

You Can Look, But You Can’t Take

You can’t stop people from looking at other people, but you might be
able to stop them from looking in a certain way. At least, that’s what the
operators of are hoping — and it’s why they’ve filed a
lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeking to block CBS’s upcoming
reality series, Big Brother.


Entertainment Network, Inc., which runs the controversial Web site — featuring a suburban Tampa house inhabited mainly by nubile college girls and Web cameras — say they met repeatedly with CBS executives last year about developing a joint project. According to the suit, CBS used proprietary information gleaned during those meetings in its decision to
pay a Dutch company twenty million dollars for the rights to Big Brother, in which ten strangers are locked in a house with a bunch of cameras. Call us crazy, but we’re thinking the Entertainment Network version would have been a lot more interesting.

Small Time Crooks

Crime doesn’t pay, or so they tell us. But surely blackmail pays,
right? Otherwise, what’s the point?


Yeah, well someone might want to bring this up with a trio of high
schoolers in North Syracuse, New York. According to,
eighteen-year-olds William Mack and Joshua Decker, and a seventeen-year-old
friend who wasn’t identified, spent weeks trying to lure their teacher into cybersex with them. Apparently, the boys posed as a
twenty-three-year-old woman and sent their teacher enticing instant
messages and e-mails. When the teacher didn’t take the bait, the boys did
what any budding conspirators would do: they revealed themselves to their
teacher . . . and still tried to blackmail him, threatening to
distribute copies of their own e-mails if he didn’t fork over some
dough. Amazingly uncowed by their threats, the teacher told the school
about the situation, and the boys were arrested and charged with attempted
grand larceny and coercion. The students’ stated ransom for all this
larceny and coercion? Fifty bucks apiece.


Dream big, boys. Dream big.

Wait’ll They Hear About the Tetons

As all government tourist agencies know, nothing sells the great outdoors
quite like . . . sex? Well okay, not all government tourist agencies
are hip to that axiom — but they will be once they hear about a racy
new travel guide put out by the Spaniards. Published by the ruling Popular
Party, the book describes the mountains around Madrid thusly: “With
mountains the same thing happens as does with women, that the desire they
provoke is inversely proportional to the number of times you’ve got on top
of them.” After members of Spain’s Socialist party complained about the
book, a government official claimed the text was a mistake, and that it had
been withdrawn from sale. But perhaps that’s a bit hasty — after all,
surely tourism has been boosted by the description, elsewhere in the book,
of the terrain on one local mountain: “black, svelte . . . hard and slippy,
like Naomi Campbell’s loins.” Oh dear.

Quotes of the Week

“If you don’t want cancer, feel your balls.”

— MTV funnyman and testicular cancer patient Tom Green, singing
in Rolling Stone.

“Sex is one of the three best things there is, and I don’t know what the
other two are.”

Helen Gurley Brown, completely forgetting shopping, in

“I challenge any mainstream actor or actress to take off their clothes and
have sex in front of people and tell me that’s not acting.”

— Oddly defensive porn star Stacy Valentine, accepting her
Golden Hot award as Best American Actress, just outside Cannes, France.

“Lesbianism’s chic. No big deal.”

— Actress Amy Brenneman, on a possible Judging Amy plot
twist, in US Weekly.

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