This Week in Sex: 6.8.99

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This Week in Sex   
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June 2–8, 1999

The top story in this sex-filled week was the appointment of the first openly gay US ambassador, San Francisco philanthropist James Hormel, to a temporary post in Luxembourg. Clinton tried to make the appointment back in 1997, but conservative Republicans kept the nomination from reaching the Senate floor. Clinton countered the block with a provision in the constitution that allows the President to circumvent normal appointment procedure during congressional recess. Looks like the President is better at dodge ball than congress is at smear the queer.

The Japanese make it back to This Week in Sex after a one-week absence, announcing that the birth control pill is now available in Japan as a contraceptive (it was previously available only for the treatment of medical problems such as ovarian cancer). Approval of the drug was debated for decades, and came under serious consideration in 1990. But it was the rapid approval of Viagra earlier this year that intensified the pressure, as women’s groups accused the government of a double standard. Perhaps the aging politicians weren’t ready for fatherhood.

Back in the States, talkshow hosts were thrown a juicy bone with the conviction of Utah polygamist David Ortell Kingston (Jay Leno: “How did they decide to arrest the guy at fifteen wives? ‘Fourteen was one thing, but now you’ve gone too far!'”). Kingston was not convicted of polygamy, however, but rather of incest and unlawful sex (one of his wives is his sixteen-year-old niece). Nevertheless, Laura Chapman, a founder of Tapestry of Polygamy (an anti-polygamy activist group) said Kingston’s conviction shows “there is hope in the state of Utah.”

Speaking of hope and America, the World Wrestling Federation was hit with a $110 million dollar lawsuit by Rena Mero, better known to WWF fans as Sable. She claims she was forced to give up her championship belt after refusing to allow her top to be torn off and her breasts exposed during a television broadcast. When asked to explain her recent appearance in Playboy, Mero explained it was “a classy and tasteful thing to do,” while stripping in the ring is simply “over the top.” In another act of feminist resistance, transvestite Thai kickboxer Parinya Kiatbusaba last week requested permission to fight in a support bra to protect his new, hormone-induced breasts.

Over in Europe, Anke Van dermeersch, a lawyer who reigned as Miss Belgium in 1991, said Sunday she would pose nude for Playboy magazine if she won a seat in the European Parliament next week. Eshewing the popular “classy and tasteful” defense, Van dermeersch explained that this platform will prove she can keep a promise.

In closing, we turn to This Week in Sex History to reveal the following bit of historical sexual convergence: Comte Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, the French writer better known as the Marquis de Sade, warmly remembered for inspiring the term sadism, was born this week in 1740; Giovanni Casanova, Chevalier de Seingalt, Italian writer, diplomat, and romantic adventurer died this week in 1798, leaving behind the term Casanova; movie star and sexual candle in the wind Marilyn Monroe was born this week in 1926 as Norma Jean Mortenson; and finally, this week in 1948 marks the birth of beloved child actor Jerry Mathers, who became known to the world simply as The Beaver.

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