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June 30, 2000

Like Warring for Peace

The wonder drugs are starting to work wonders and the President is actually willing to talk about the disease, but no one in their right mind would say that the AIDS crisis is over. So what better way to fight the good fight than to hold a massive public orgy?


That’s the thinking of one Forest Williams, the thirty-three-year-old promoter who announced that on July 22, five women — all of them amateurs — will compete to break the world
record for consecutive sexual partners. The event, which will take place at an as-yet-unannounced San Francisco consensual-sex club, will charge male participants $125 each and will be webcast at ninety-nine cents a minute. And according to Williams, it’s a blow against AIDS, with twenty percent of profits going to charities related to the disease. Alas, not everyone thinks this is a good idea: H. Hunter Handsfield, an expert on sexually transmitted diseases, told, “Even with protection, casual sex with multiple partners is inherently unsafe and sets a bad example for STD and HIV prevention.”

Maid Love

The rule is as old as the hills, and every good salesman knows it: when they’re not buying what you’re selling, sell ’em what they’ll buy. The recession in Romania has reportedly caused a dip in business for the country’s sex workers, but they’ve hit upon a value-added solution to their conundrum: rent a hooker and get a housekeeper for free. Yup, according to the Romanian daily National, at least one “sexual agent” says that many women in the sex business have added cooking and housecleaning to their repertoire. “We had to invent something because people don’t have money and clients are rare. After solving the sexual problem, the girls clean and cook for free. All on the house.”

Hot Wheels

What is this country coming to when a man can’t even watch a pornographic
video and smoke a little crack in the privacy of his own car?


Twenty-one-year-old Jonathan Washington of Hampton, Virginia, was arrested
this week at a drunk-driving checkpoint when a Virginia state trooper
spotted an X-rated video being displayed on three screens in Washington’s
car. As the 1997 Hyundai passed the checkpoint, State Trooper Todd Golling
pulled the car over after he saw the video playing on TV screens on each headrest and on the dashboard. The trooper reportedly smelled marijuana in the car, and after a search found
both pot and crack. Washington was charged with public display of obscene
material, but according to First Sgt. Roy McKinney, he wouldn’t have been
pulled over at all if he weren’t so damned obvious about what he was
watching. “Everybody and his brother could see it,” McKinney told “That’s public display. What if a van full of kids had been
passing him?” Only one question: Who tricks out a ’97 Hyundai like that and
doesn’t tint the windows? Or wait, another question: A Hyundai?

Quotes of the Week

“I’m sad that the Boy Scouts have decided to embrace bigotry, but in a free
country they have every right to. I just hope that their organization
suffers the fate of most bigoted institutions and declines until it has the
courage and wisdom to accept openly gay men and boys as moral

New York Times Magazine columnist Andrew Sullivan, on
this week’s Supreme Court ruling that the Scouts have a First Amendment
right to exclude gays.

“I’m supposed to take the moral high road, sit in my living room as they
foreclose on my home?”

Darva Conger, the answer to the question Who Wants to
Marry a Multimillionaire?,
on her decision to display her congers in

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