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July 7, 2000

Mrs. Robinson’s Revenge

A thirty-two-year-old Florida woman was charged this week with having sex with a seventeen-year-old boy and failing to tell him that she is HIV-positive, according to a report in the Miami Herald. She was found out when a neighbor who knew of the woman’s HIV status heard the boy bragging about the sex. Sex with a minor is a felony; concealing the disease is a misdemeanor.


The woman is married with two children; she had unprotected sex with the teen back in May while her family was out of town. The teen walked into the house while she was talking on the telephone about wanting to have sex with a young man (oh yeah, that old trick) and she started kissing him, according to a police report. However, the woman told a local paper recently that the boy raped her and thus she was not obligated to tell him.


The boy has not yet released the results of his AIDS test.

Could This Be Love?

If you really want to know the answer, scientists at University College London in England might be able to help. They claim to have invented a test that can measure the brain activity in those who are head over heels in love.


Using a brain scan, a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) and a group of seventeen volunteers who claimed to be “truly and madly in love,” the researchers tracked brain activity while the subjects looked at photographs of lovers. The areas of the brain linked to depression were inactive while regions associated with enjoyment, gut feelings and addiction showed increased activity when the love-struck guinea pigs doted on images of their honies.


The brain scans also suggested that some volunteers were more in love than others. “You could have a test for whether somebody is in love with someone using this technique, though it is not cheap,” said Andreas Bartels, one of the researchers. For now, better just stick to the tried and true Cosmo quiz.

Red Light Voting District

Prostitutes in Montreal have formed a political party aimed at decriminalizing sex work in Canada. Parti Populaire des Putes (“popular party of prostitutes”) spokeswoman Marie-Claude Charlebois said: “I think most people want prostitution decriminalized. People are ready for a change and are tired of the hypocrisy concerning sex workers.” Their platform is based on the notion that legalizing sex work would make for a safer work environment. “Sex workers, like everyone else in society, have the right to speak, the right to intervene in the public space,” said Charlebois. “With this party, we’re taking those rights.”

Paris is Burning

The liberals are restless in Paris. Filmmakers (including Jean-Luc Godard), politicians, writers, the Human Rights League and other lefty celebs signed a petition and rallied in the streets this week in support of Baise-moi (Fuck Me), a French film that has been at the center of a censorship tussle. Baise-moi was released last week with a PG-16 rating, but France’s rating board pulled its approval after Promouvoir, a conservative, family values organization, filed a lawsuit.


The film — think Thelma and Louise with more sex and more murder — now has an X-rating, which means it can only be shown in a handful of cinemas in France (only one cinema in Paris has an X-movie permit), and is not eligible for export. However, many cinemas have flouted the ruling and are continuing to screen the movie under a PG-18 rating.


In response to the uproar, French culture minister Catherine Tasca has promised to reform France’s censorship laws — despite an almost unanimous reaction from French critics that the film is a bit of a stinker.

Quotes of the Week

“Only the balls should bounce!”

— Slogan painted on the chest of Wimbledon streaker Mark Roberts, who disco-danced across the court during Anna Kournikova’s doubles match on Thursday. (Kournikova has recently appeared in sports bra ads with the slogan “Only the ball should bounce.”)

“What’s the world coming to if it’s not safe to sit on the toilet and read the paper?”

— Attorney for a Nebraska man who is suing the Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, claiming cleanser used on a toilet seat caused “urologic dysfunction” and ruined his sex life.

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