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August 3, 2001

Love Shack

Psst. Hey! Wanna buy a house?


Really — we can get it for you cheap, or at least cheaper. How’s $4.3 million? Wait — don’t say no ’till you’ve heard about it. See, it used to be Wilt Chamberlain’s place — yeah, that Wilt, the notoriously high-scoring NBA legend, he of the hundred points a game and more than 20,000 women in a lifetime. Seems the playboy palace he built for himself atop a Bel Air peak during the swinging ’70s has been on the market since shortly after the star’s death in late 1999, but no one wants to buy it — the price has plummeted from the original $7.4 million, according to a story this week in the Los Angeles Times. Maybe that’s because Sy Goldberg, Wilt’s old friend and the executor of his estate, won’t let any buyers even consider tearing it down to build something else on the prime real estate.


And why would they want to start over? Perhaps it has something to do with the unusual decor, which Wilt himself described as “a little kinky, with kinky details.” Take, for instance, the all-star player’s bedroom. The mock traffic light once rigged to signal “Love” and “Don’t Love” is gone, but the mirrored ceiling above the massive bed still retracts at the push of a button to reveal the open sky. Another bedside switch allowed Chamberlain to dim mood lights, while yet another instantly filled the giant, eighteen-karat gold-tiled triangular bathtub at the foot of the bed. And then there’s the plush pink velvet “playroom,” made just a bit less interesting since Goldberg ordered the removal of the the wall-to-wall waterbed floor along with its cover of French black rabbit fur. And why’d the lawyer do that? “I’m hoping [the house] doesn’t have the aura of a hideaway sex place,” Goldberg told the Times, “because it turns women off.” Funny, that never seemed to be a problem for the house’s original owner.

Get Out of Jail Free. Sort Of.

Johnny Cochran would be so proud.


According to the Cyprus Mail, a Cypriot transvestite was released from jail this week despite a fraud conviction and an eighteen-month sentence because, well, because the Cypriot authorities just didn’t know where the hell to put her. Marios Angelodimou, who looks and acts like a woman and prefers to be known as Alexia — but who is still legally a man — was reportedly kept in the prison theater because the warden didn’t know whether to keep her in the male or female wing of the prison. Ultimately, Cypriot President Glafcos Clerides figured the puzzle was too tricky to solve and, in a decision that would move any defense lawyer to tears, opted instead to dispose of the problem completely, pardoning the thirty-five-year-old Angelodimou. Well, not completely: the conditional pardon does stipulate that if Angelodimou, who was found guilty of possession and circulation of forged bank documents, gets in trouble again in the next five years, she’ll have to serve the entire term. Which ought to give the island’s government a little time to figure out a plan.

Vintage Pornography

Nothing new about starlets — even aging starlets — posing nude in girlie magazines. Hey, Farrah Fawcett did it, and she was, what, fifty? But somehow, Dercy Goncalves is, well, different.


Maybe it’s because she’s one of Brazil’s most outspoken actor-activists, or perhaps because she’s one of that country’s most beloved slapstick comedians. Or maybe it’s because, at ninety-four, she’s nearlytwice as old as Fawcett was when she posed for Playboy in 1998. But according to a Reuters report, Goncalves, who appeared topless in Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval parades earlier this year, will appear nude in the September issue of the Brazilian Penthouse. Not that there’s anything untoward about that, mind you. Like every other starlet who ever posed nude, Goncalves insists the photo shoot will be “artistic”: “It’s not like I’m going to open my legs and embarrass my family,” said the raunchy comedian, who launched her theater career in 1929 and was already forty-seven when Marilyn Monroe posed for the first-ever Playboy in 1954. “It’s going to be . . . the kind of thing you would put on your coffee table.” As if you’d really keep it under your bed.

Quotes of the Week

“A guy like me, I didn’t have to work very hard to have ladies in my life. I didn’t have to do anything at all, really. But I don’t want to spend my energy that way anymore, running around trying to have everything that’s walking down the street.”

— Sixty-four-year-old actor Billy Dee Williams, disappointing pedestrians in the Miami Herald.

“They’ve spent so much time on their knees, they don’t have to get down there to thank me.”

— Author Jackie Collins, on the women she made famous in tell-all books like Hollywood Wives.

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