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August 18, 2000

Sex Drive

So what if Karen Kershaw didn’t have the six hundred bucks to buy Rick Remmy’s
pickup truck. Isn’t that what the good old-fashioned barter system is for?


Well, that’s what Kershaw says, and now she’s suing Remmy because, she
alleges, he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. According to
a report in the Akron Beacon Journal, Kershaw claims that Remmy
agreed to knock a few hundred bucks off the price of his 1980 truck in
exchange for alternative forms of compensation, including cartons of
cigarettes and assorted sex acts. Kershaw says she in fact delivered on her promise with four
cartons of cigarettes and two sexual favors, along with several hundred
dollars, but Remmy has given her neither the truck nor her money back. Now
Kershaw wants $15,000 in damages — in part for the embarrassment of
having to file suit — and she offers as her strongest evidence a
contract, allegedly containing Remmy’s signature, that specifies how much
credit was to be given for oral sex and how much for traditional sex. Alas,
for those of you looking for some kind of pricing standard, specific
details of the agreement were not included in the Beacon Journal‘s

Have a Nice Snip

Hey Jean-Pierre, trying to figure out some way to spend all that vacation time? Sick and tired of the same old eco-tours and safaris and sex tours your travel agent keeps offering up? Of course you are. Well, your search is over, mon frere. We’ve got a package tour to end all package tours. Quite literally, actually.


According to a BBC News report, the British family planning charity Marie
Stopes International has begun offering a “vasectomy tourist service” to
Frenchmen looking to skirt a two-hundred-year-old Napoleonic ban on
“self-mutilation.” The service, which offers the sterilization operation to
hommes willing to pony up about 2100 francs (roughly three hundred dollars),
just claimed its first, uh, tourist this week, a forty-seven-year-old
financial administrator from Paris named Bernard Schnakenbourg. Said
Schnakenbourg, who got his operation free since he was willing to go first,
“It’s just like going to the dentist, except in a slightly different
place.” Which raises all sorts of questions about French dentistry . . .

Power to the Pornographers!

We here at Nerve have long known that adult website workers are, in fact,
people too. Now, at last, the German courts are backing us up.


According to a Reuters report, a judge in Kassel, Germany, ruled that
the workers — most of them women — who get paid to talk dirty in
chat rooms should enjoy the same rights as other staffers. The ruling spells trouble
for German sex sites that have refused to pay social security benefits for its
workers on the grounds that their jobs are “immoral.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Quotes of the Week

“Despite their successes in the World Cup and Euro 2000, the French still
have something to learn from the English about ball control.”

Julie Douglas, marketing manager for Marie Stopes
International, the charity hoping to lure Frenchmen to England to undergo

“Like everything, it has gotten corporate. So I don’t look with horror on
the prospect of repression coming along, so that we can have another sexual
revolution at a higher level.”

— Novelist Norman Mailer, on the state of the sexual
revolution, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

“If you get up and make a speech supporting affirmative action — and
the idea is to get people to vote for your party — but your party
doesn’t support affirmative action, you are engaging in political
masturbation. You are jacking the community off.”

— Always eloquent activist and man-of-God Al Sharpton, on Colin
Powell’s appearance at the Republican National Convention, as quoted in the
New York Post.

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