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August 25, 2000

Fun for the Whole Family

All Aaron Caudill wanted was a little lovin’ from his lady, is that so
wrong? And sure, he wanted to catch it on film — you know, a little
something for the scrapbook — but hey, they’re two consenting adults.
What, is there some kind of law against that now?


Apparently there is, if you happen to be in Kings Island, Ohio.
Okay, to be more specific, if you happen to be in Kings Island, the
Paramount-sponsored family amusement park in southern Ohio. And if your
photographer happens to be the photo booth near the entrance of the park.
And if — especially if — that photo booth has a big, color
TV monitor mounted on the outside that displays the most recent picture taken
behind the burlap curtain. Yeah, it turns out there is a law against


And so, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, twentysomething sweethearts
Caudill and Elizabeth Whitaker are due in court next week on charges of
public indecency stemming from a little photo booth hanky-panky out at the
park last month. According to the police report on the incident, the couple
saw the booth in the morning and Caudill “casually mentioned to his
girlfriend that she could give him oral sex in this photo booth.” Against
all odds, the casual-voice ploy worked for Caudill and, later in the day,
they slipped into the booth for their photo shoot. According to the
Enquirer report, Caudill jumped out of the booth and tried to cover
the TV screen with his hands once he realized that his personal
roller-coaster ride was being broadcast to all passers-by.

Hip-Hop Hooray

You’ve seen rapper Lil’ Kim nekkid (almost) in Vibe magazine. You
saw her nekkid (just about) in XXL. If you watched last year’s MTV
Music Awards, you saw her nekkid (practically) right there on the red
carpet. Let’s face it — it ain’t too tough to see Lil’ Kim nekkid.
Unless, that is, you’re a Playboy photographer. Then you’ve got to
get past Kim’s Christian modesty.


No, really.


According to the New York Post, the self-described “Notorious
K.I.M.” has been asked to pose nude in an upcoming issue of Hugh Hefner’s
venerable monthly, and Kim’s mulling the offer — the fee discussion
has reportedly reached six figures, “and possibly more,” according to the
report. But there’s a snag in the negotiations. According to the
Post, the rapper — whose latest album contains such
inspirational anthems as the anatomically improbable “Suck My Dick” and the
tasteful “How Many Licks” (Lick me right the first time or you gotta do
it over / Like it’s rehearsal for a Tootsie commercial)
— isn’t
quite sure she can square the pictorial with her “very strong spiritual
side,” as Kim’s lawyer puts it. Kim is reportedly seeking veto rights over
the photos, as well as her choice of photographer and a tasteful layout.
And, one presumes, that elusive seventh figure.

Five-Ring Circus

Back in the days before beach volleyball and ballroom dancing — back
when the Olympics were held every four years in the shadow of Mount Olympus
— the games were contested entirely in the nude. (Yes, even the
wrestling. Imagine that.) So, let’s be honest here, it ain’t as though the Olympic movement is completely free of homosexual


Still, it came as something of a surprise to learn that the closing ceremony of next month’s Summer Games in Sydney will include a parade of drag queens, ostensibly in some sort of salute to great
Australian cinema (remember Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?). Said
drag performer “Sally,” in a Reuters article, “This is the first time gays
have openly gone on display at an Olympics. This decision has brought
people out of the dark ages and it shows that people are getting more
tolerant of gay people.” Maybe so, but there was, nonetheless, a quick
outcry from conservative Australians, prompting an angry defense from
Olympics Minister Michael Knight. “That’s part of Sydney life whether they
like it or not,” Knight said, referring to the city’s vibrant gay
community. “It’s part of Sydney.” No word on how conservative opponents
will react to another reported part of the closing ceremonies: well-toned
gay men called “muscle Marys” performing alongside the drag queens. And what movie is that from again?

Quotes of the Week

“Being famous is like having big tits. People are nice to you when you have
big tits.”

Chris Rock in Paper magazine.

“Personally, I don’t hang around lesbians, queers, hippies, doctors and
lawyers, but they’re going to bring us all together.”

Survivor finalist Rudy Boesch, on CBS’s reunion of the
show’s island castaways.

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