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This Week in Sex   
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August 28–September 3, 1999

The Other Shoe Drops

Just last week we told you about Mickey Rooney’s crusade to stamp out “crush” videos, a niche porn fetish which features leggy, stiletto’d women flattening some of God’s smaller creatures underfoot. (Fur-nography? Necrohamsterphilia? Sado-mess-o’-kittens?) Well, it appears justice is swift once Andy Hardy gets involved: a woman in California has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly taking part in just such a video. Thirty-five-year-old Diane Chaffin of Los Angeles faces felony charges of torturing, maiming and killing mice — stomping them to death on camera, to be specific. Chaffin, who’s in jail in lieu of $45,000 bail, could get as many as nine years in prison if convicted.

California Fetish Legislation, Cont’d

Crush videos aren’t the only porn fetish under attack in the Golden State these days. Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill last week that will make it illegal to secretly film “upskirt” and “downblouse” videos of women. Assemblyman Dick Ackerman, who authored the bill, says it’s aimed at “those who would victimize women by using the latest technology to invade their privacy and make a dirty profit.” The new law, which goes into effect next year, specifically prohibits secretly videotaping or photographing another person under or through his or her clothing. Under existing law, it’s only illegal to secretly tape someone in changing rooms or restrooms, or other public places where there’s an expectation of privacy.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Wondering why that dreamy nuclear physicist didn’t call you back the morning after? A recent Department of Energy policy may hold the answers. As part of a security crackdown amidst fears of espionage, scientists must now report any “close and continuing contacts” with foreigners; one-night stands, however, are specifically exempted. The policy began in July; the one-time-encounter exception was added in August after a few randy scientists asked for a detailed definition of “close and continuing.” And America’s the safer for it: after all, everyone knows that spies don’t have one night stands. Just ask James Bond.

So That’s the Giant Sucking Sound

The biggest news out of Hollywood this year is Hollywood itself — or more specifically, the stampede of jobs and film shoots leaving town for less
expensive locales like Canada and Australia. But according to a report this
week in the L.A. Times, while feature film shooting in L.A. County has
decreased thirteen percent this year, adult film production is up twenty-five percent, and rising. One in five L.A. County film shoots in July involved naked people doing what naked people tend to do.


Of course, not everyone’s thrilled about the estimated ten to twenty thousand jobs created locally by the porn industry. Mayor Richard Riordan says he’s “ashamed” of the industry, calling it “a black eye” on Los Angeles. That may be so, but it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. Says Steven Orienstein, president of Canoga Park’s Wicked Pictures, “You have to try really hard to lose money in this business.”

Boobs in Bethlehem

Big boobs are big business these days, and nowhere are they bigger than in the very cradle of Western religion, Israel. According to a report in the Jerusalem daily Ha’aretz, the number of breast implant operations in the tiny country has jumped 250 percent in the past two years. And there aren’t just more of them, there’s more to them: the volume of the average silicone implant during that same two-year period surged a full fifty percent, from 200 to 300 cubic centimeters.

Quotes of the Week

“Sure, there are a lot of geeky guys who can’t match their socks and can’t even say hello to women, but for every one of them, there is another who is intelligent and articulate. And these guys can’t find a date to save their life.”

Richard Gosse, founder of American Singles, explaining why the national dating group is planning its next convention in geek-laden Silicon Valley.

“(My main concern was) to make sure my willy wouldn’t be seen. They had to
find a really big prop to put in the way.”

— Actor Kevin Spacey, oh-so-modestly describing in the new Playboy
the difficulties he encountered in his first nude love scene, in the
upcoming film American Beauty.

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