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October 8, 1999

Something Special in the Air

You’ve thought about it, we know you have. Some of you might have even done
it. But we doubt that very many of you have leapt into the Mile-High Club
with the kind of unbridled gusto shown by a pair of business travelers on a
transatlantic flight last week.


Amanda Holt, 36, and David Machin, 40 — both married — were
arrested when their Dallas-to-Manchester American Airlines flight landed
last Saturday. Apparently the pair, who only met each other during the
safety-belt demonstration, engaged in some aggressive high-altitude
hanky-panky, completely ignoring the pleas of the cabin crew and fellow
passengers to please return their bodies to the upright position.


The duo began flirting right around liftoff. With
complimentary wine and brandy flowing freely in business class, the
chit-chat soon escalated (as it is wont to do) into a bit of surreptitious
fondling underneath a blanket. And soon thereafter, that turned into some
not-so-stealthy oral sex, with Holt stripping to her bra and panties and
inspecting Machin’s landing gear, as it were, while fellow travelers lunged
for their airsick bags.


“I can’t believe he’d risk everything for a cheap thrill. But then again, he
is a man,” said a former neighbor of Machin’s to a British tabloid. Because of his momentary lapse of reason, the father of three is said to be in danger of losing both his wife and his $80K-a-year job at Hallmark. Both offenders were charged under British law with outraging public decency, being drunk on an airplane and conduct causing harassment, alarm or distress. Holt, meanwhile, is also in danger of losing her job at Nortel Networks, a hi-tech company whose television ads feature the Beatles song “Come Together.”

Jewel Thief

A Canadian woman was arrested this week for allegedly running around
Toronto squeezing the genitals of elderly men. We know what you’re thinking:
You can’t do that? Well, no, you can’t — especially if the reason you’re
squeezing the old man’s sack is so you can cleanly pick his pocket. And
that, according to the Toronto police, is exactly what she was doing.


Michelle Helen Lawes, 35, is said to have pulled her bawdy boost on
more than a dozen men between the ages of 60 and 83 in the city’s downtown area. Her m.o.? According to the cops, Lawes approached men working in their garages and asked for a light or a cigarette. When she was close enough, she’d reach out and apply her love grip with one hand while the other hand began the search for his wallet. Any trouble, and she’d clamp down until she located her booty. She was charged with robbery and theft; apparently creating false hope is not yet a crime.

Thrills on the Hill

The ongoing battle to stamp out crush videos has made its way to Capitol
Hill. The House Judiciary Committee’s crime panel this week listened to
testimony from animal rights activists in support of a new bill that would
institute criminal penalties for people who sell videos depicting cruelty to
animals. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., said of the
2,000 or so available crush titles that sell for between $30 and $100 apiece, “This windfall must end.”


As we detailed in TWiS back in August, crush videos cater to
people who get aroused at the site of leggy women crushing small animals and
bugs underfoot. As part of the hearing, the House panel was shown a video in
which a woman stomps a guinea pig to death. A half-dozen people walked out
on the film.

Hurts So Good

Just when crushers were in danger of being tagged the oddest sexual
fetishists on the planet, along comes the curious case of Philip Bondy,
apotemnophiliac. What’s an apotemnophiliac? It’s someone who derives sexual gratification from the removal of a limb — proof there is a word for everything.


Mr. Bondy, 79, had a lifelong fantasy to have his leg amputated. Unable to find a reputable physician to perform the medically unnecessary operation, Bondy called upon 77-year-old John Brown, a doctor whose license was revoked two decades ago for performing shoddy sex-change operations in garages and hotel rooms. For the sum of ten thousand dollars, Brown agreed to perform the surgery last year in Tijuana, Mexico. Two days later, Bondy died in a motel near San Diego from gangrene poisoning. And on Tuesday, Brown was convicted of
second-degree murder and could face life in prison.


Bondy wasn’t Brown’s first apotemnophiliac. New York psychologist Gregg Furth testified in the trial that he too had paid the doctor to perform an elective amputation, but backed out when “he saw a Mexican doctor who was to assist in the surgery walk into the clinic carrying a butcher knife.”

Quotes of the Week

“I have a huge germ thing right now. I don’t want to have sex with anybody
because they have germs and they’re stinky.”

Roseanne, on why she and husband Ben Thomas haven’t had
sex in half a year.

“Men with decreased libido or other sexual dysfunction should be questioned about licorice ingestion.”

— Three Italian doctors in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, explaining that in a recent study, licorice suppressed sex hormone levels in seven men in their 20s.

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