While You Were Sleeping: Flirting Caused That Plane Crash

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Hurricane Ike may have caused a baby boom in Texas.

Playboy may cut back on the number of issues it puts out every year and raise the newsstand price. A truly sad day for America.

Holy balls! Dolph Lundgren had a penis slip!

It’s time we started to boycott people who boycott Pepsi for its "pro-gay and human rights agenda."

Sounds like many of the places we’ve worked: seven people were hospitalized when their work refrigerator cleanup proved to be horribly toxic and stankin’.

A toilet kneeler — and what exactly would anyone need this for?

The plane crash in Buffalo may have been caused by a middle-aged co-pilot hitting on his young female co-pilot. Oh, and the fact that the guy was basically unqualified to fly commercial planes might have been a contributing factor.

And remind us what Sarah Palin has accomplished beyond being elected governor after running a tiny village into the ground that warrants a "memoir?"


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