Top 50 Pairs of Perfect Breasts

The Sun must be filled with boob men: Yesterday we saw them interview Norma Stitz and her gigantic rack, and today they've compiled a list of the best jugs and hooters in the world. And yes, they included NSFW pics, thank god.

Lolo Ferreira, once-owner the world's biggest pair of tits (Stitz only has the biggest natural pair)

Keeley Hazell, some Brit famed for her "Page 3" status (I guess that's like our Page 6, but with more tits?)

Maxi Mounds, who is the current owner of the biggest hooters...well, who has the world's smallest?

Becy and Mel, the first ever lesbian Page 3 duo

Tara Reid...on this list for some unknown reason

Peta Todd, another Page 3 Girl

The rest of the nature's most perfect presents can be found here.



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Commentarium (2 Comments)

May 15 09 - 9:34pm

The Sun's Page 3 is nothing like Page 6 of whatever rag you're talking about. It has tit. Just tits. Nothing else. That's in the paper edition. Online you can check out multiple sets of tits at

Did I type the word "tits" enough? Tits, tits, tits....

Mar 08 10 - 11:10pm

It's ferrari, not ferreira dipshit....