Top 5 Christina Ricci Sex Scenes

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Today, the ever-popular Nerve Sex Scene Database returns, following an extended and unintended hiatus…

Christina Ricci is one actress we’ve wanted to feature for a long time– but haven’t had a reason to. (Not that we needed one.) But when the Black Book and gossip site favorite announced her engagement a few weeks back, we realized she might end up becoming one of those starlets that never wants to even fake a love scene with another man again…

In fear of that decision, we present, for posterity, five of the very few nude/sex/nude sex scenes featuring Ms. Ricci, the object of your deepest desire:

The Man Who Cried
[Watch from about :22 till 2:38, then skip to 2:55 for the bonus scene]

How is it we missed a movie starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci? More importantly, how is it no one told us about this scene, which is incredibly hot for something that’s basically PG-13? Let this serve as a warm-up for what’s to come in the next set of videos…

Prozac Nation

Ricci starred in the adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s bestselling memoir, but it may not have been the best career movie. The movie was virtually unseen for years until the internet got ahold of this glorious topless ten seconds. (If that doesn’t do it for you, here’s a scene where she gets groped by a creepy doctor. Not our cup of sex.)

Black Snake Moan (#1)
Ricci really didn’t break as a movie star in her own right until this Samuel L. Jackson-led sleeper hit from just a few years back. We think the main reason the movie was successful was because of her amazing rack.

Prozac Nation
If you want more boobs, best to skip this romantic scene (which is intercut with non-revealing hot sex!) Jason Biggs is in this movie, as well, as it turns out. Is this guy the luckiest bastard on earth? His career high was having sex with a pie and getting famous for it– and his career low is a movie in which he has sex with Christina Ricci? That’s not a bad way to make a living…

Black Snake Moan
Speaking of lucky bastards, Justin Timberlake treats our girl like shit, lasts barely 45 seconds in the sack, and still gets to go home with Jessica Biel every night. Christina, of course, is not satisfied… which is where you come in…

Christina Ricci Sex Scene

You can also watch most of these clips and some bonus footage in a low-quality compilation someone put together– click here for that.




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