Recession Dating: You’re Doing It Wrong

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The New York Times has been running an ongoing blog post with reader dating advice for the recession’s latest permutation. Some are obvious (skip Cipriani, stick to the burger place), others rather brilliant (it’s easier to turn “dinner and a movie” into a “home cooked meal and DVD” now.)

Here are our favorites… and least favorites… you’ll know the difference.

Midrange dates can add up quickly… start off going to a few reasonably nice places… downshift into the moderate zone to give her a sense of what everyday life might be like together. [the Times]

Most guys think it’s appropriate to go Dutch, but [girls disagree]. This isn’t because we’re cheap. It’s because you feel special that someone took you out and thought that it was worth it to [pay]. Later on, anything goes. If I have a better job, then I’d certainly have no problem picking up the tab. Just think about how much more energy girls put into getting ready for dates than guys: the shoes, the dress, the hair, the makeup … Emma Rabinovich

It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on a woman… it’s always been not what they say but what they mean. And what women really want is instant chemistry. [A]s long as women think they can tell in the first five minutes and don’t take the time to learn who the guy is, the dating sites will flourish. Barry Silverman

[I]n my world, “dinner and a movie” means a nice home-cooked meal followed by a movie on my 8-foot screen. None of my dates has ever complained. A man who cooks well will always have an advantage.
Mauricio Parra


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