Your Workday Is Not Over Until the Redheaded Kid Sings


About 429 different things surprised us about this video...

First,  if you're going to broadcast your lipsynching skills to the entire world, you might want to pick a song you actually know the worlds to. Second, what the hell is this awful fucking song? Third, does this kid look like a short sixty-year-old woman with too much hairspray or what? Sorry, kid, had to go there.

It goes on and on-- there's even a bizarre series of cameos involving a Mario Kart wheel for the Nintendo Wii. We have no idea why it features in here-- maybe there's a driving scene in the song's video. Is this a joke?

If it wasn't, it is now...

Via College Humor.


When Sugar Daddies Go Wrong…

Commentarium (4 Comments)

May 22 09 - 12:41pm

Weird, I commented last night and it's magically gone...
let's see how this one fare's. If it disappears I officially am off Nerve...

First of all this is months old... you need to up your game.
Second of all, this kid is amazing! He would be so fun to hang out with and if he was your kid you'd be lucky to be blessed with this much awesomeness around your house.
Don't you remember being a kid and dancing around and singing and doing crazy things?
Also I haven't read any definitive postings, but have you noticed how big his hands are?
I'm not sure but I suspect some kind of developmental thing going on.
If that's the case you should be ashamed of yourself for making fun of a kid, and or a kid with developmental issues.

I hope Scanner stops bullying awesome kids who are great.

May 22 09 - 9:43pm
John Thomas

Again you are repeating yourselves, except he was 'cool' the first post. I agreed with that.
As a side comment I avoided commenting on your Woody Allen post but you've obviously not seen Annie Hall. The Image of Mr. Allen used for the billboard was taken directly from the movie, NOT doctored. Scanner is clearly taking a backseat and backsliding from it's former prominence as an online forum.
I like the new format, and the quality seems good but don't eff it up, please.

May 22 09 - 10:49pm
Brian Fairbanks

Don't say "you've obviously" not seen Annie Hall when you mean "certain people have not seen Annie Hall." Personally, it's one of my favorite movies of all-time and I know that goes for at least one other Scanner blogger. And, really, there's no reason to make a federal case over it...

May 23 09 - 1:16am

I saw this a month or so ago... there's a bunch of youtube action w/ this kid (or was then...) > > I still can't figure out whether it's a young person - or a little person. ;)