Priest Pretty Much Denies Mel Gibson a Church Wedding

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Devout Christian Mel Gibson hasn’t gotten around to finalizing his divorce with first wife Robyn. But can you blame him? He’s been too busy knocking up his Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. One would think, being such a good Christian man and all, that Gibson will want to make an honest woman out of Grigorieva. If so, he might have to look into renting out the local VFW.

Father Louis Campbell, who formerly ran Gibson’s Agoura Hills, CA church, spoke with RadarOnline and said that he would not grant Gibson an annulment from Robyn if asked.

“The rules have become so loose,” Father Campbell said, ”almost everyone [who applies] gets one.” This aversion to annulments could mean trouble for Gibson if he hopes to marry Grigorieva in the church since his union with and separation from wife Robyn doesn’t seem to fit the paramaters for annulments. Parameters which Campbell deem as insufficient regardless.


[RadarOnline: EXCLUSIVE: Mel’s Former Priest Says Remarriage in Church Not Possible]


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