More Bloody Hot Vampire Sex in ‘True Blood,’ Season Two

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It’s been easy to carry on a lifelong crush on Anna Paquin. We’re practically the same age. Both our sets of parents are made up of former public school employees. One of us ran around in her panties in the film Almost Famous, while the other lived almost exactly the same youth as the Cameron Crowe character.

But we haven’t really bothered to get into True Blood, we have to say. Is it just us or does this show look cheesy? (There are sure to be two hundred comments about how great the show is from people who actually watch it, but this comment is for those of us who haven’t seen it.) However, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore HBO’s lone smash hit show (Curb isn’t back on the air again for a while), especially in light of the rumors that Paquin will be naked throughout this season… much as she was last time around.

Here are some NSFW screens from last night’s season premiere. Doesn’t this make you want to watch?

Watch the full clip here.