Hooters Girl Demonstrates The Awesome Power of Hooters

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This is a pointless little video, but there’s enough going on here that it needs to be seen twice…

1) The camera rushes into her cleavage like a drooling perv the moment she goes to bend over.

2) The annoyed and clearly humiliated blond newswoman who intones, “This is the infamous Hooters Girl Rodeo Bar Stool… Trick.”

3) The guy sitting at the news desk– with one leg overlapping the other, of course– pretending to be looking at something on his computer screen…

4) The Hooters girl begins her spin…

5) …and the guy at the desk finally stops pretending he isn’t watching this gyration machine in front of him.

6) The random insertion of the ad for “Wings For Kids” at Hooters. Because, if there’s anything that should be promoted after a girl in tiny shorts humps a barstool while pouring beer, it’s an event for children. (“Just checking… do you teach the kids how to do this?”)

Hooters Girl Rodeo Bar Stool Trick