Now There’s This Vaginal Gymnastics Thing…

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Last week, we brought you the stunning story of the woman who can lift unspeakably heavy things with her private parts. This website not only tops that, but shows you exactly how it’s done.

The first thing we read was this: I wish you, dear women!

Then, there’s a three-paragraph preamble about how vaginas can get stretched from pregnancy and 40-inch glass dildos… or something. It’s kind of hard to read the translation, which might be a good thing.

After that, a website on vaginal gymnastics really has to tell itself, without interruption from me. Every word of what follows is theirs…

The process itself of keeping weight is very simple. Woman inserts a wooden egg in which a string (a cord) is put through in her vagina

This weight is fixed on this string.

The weight is kept by pelvis ligaments, buttocks and partly by vagina.

But I don’t advise you to repeat my result. It took many years to train. And in general it is enough to keep the muscles in tone for your health and sexual life. And you will always be sexy!