An article in the June issue of Contraception magazine (who knew such a publication existed?) posits, based on an analysis of studies, that the pull-out method is "almost as effective as the male condom—at least when it comes to pregnancy prevention."

Now, we have no medical background, and we couldn't be bothered to read the entire 10-page PDF of the article, but the first thing that springs to mind is pre-cum. We were told way back when that it was just as easy to catch an STD or that pesky pregnancy disease with pre-cum as it was with proper ejaculation. We guess it's possible that was bullshit and the pull-out method is safe, but based on what we know about sex, and semen and, well, men we just don't buy it. Our friends over at our less-slutty sister site Babble agree:

The authors of the article say that “the intention was not to advocate withdrawal, but to advocate talking about it.” Personally, I don’t think anyone, especially guys, need an excuse to avoid using condoms.

Plus, this is what we're "talking" about:

If the male partner withdraws before ejaculation every time a couple has vaginal intercourse, about 4 percent of couples will become pregnant over the course of a year.

Even if that is true, 4% is far too risky for us. We prefer the triple-whammy contraception method: pill, plus condom, plus a good punch in the stomach after sex.

What do you think? (Not about the punch in the stomach part, we were just joking about that.)

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Commentarium (23 Comments)

Jul 24 09 - 3:21pm

Even if they are the same in terms of effectiveness, this will only encourage more folks to go without a condom which will spread disease.

Jul 24 09 - 3:50pm

I'd be more than happy to introduce you to my two kids. Both were products of the pull out method or not pulling out fast enough. Glad to my wife and I are 4%-ers.

Jul 24 09 - 4:40pm

There is some debate as to whether precum actually has sperm in it. Nowadays, I believe people think that it doesn't.

Jul 24 09 - 5:13pm
Cleopatra Bones

We've used the pull out method way more times than smart people should. Still no kids though.

Jul 24 09 - 5:27pm

i think i read on planned parenthood's website recently that pre-cum won't include any semen unless the man has ejaculated previously and hasn't urinated since then to clean out the ol' tube. they taught us in school that you could get preg from pre-cum too... guess they were wrong, or trying to scare us.

Jul 24 09 - 6:14pm

I would never use this with anyone I wasn't in a serious relationship with but me and my primary guy do go without condoms and use the pull-out method once I'm about 4 or 5 days past ovulation, that gives us like a week or two of condom-free sex and results in hilarious pull-out gaffes.

Jul 24 09 - 6:20pm

There is no sperm in pre-ejaculate itself, however if there are any sperm cells left over in the urethra from the last time the man ejaculated, it is possible that these can be picked up and transmitted to the woman via the pre-ejaculate. This is why it is considered possible (albeit unlikely) for a woman to become pregnant from contact with pre-ejaculate, or "precum", alone.

Jul 24 09 - 6:21pm

The real danger is that pulling out requires some degree of self-control, which not everyone will be able to achieve in the heat of the moment.

Jul 24 09 - 7:50pm
Jacques Mehoffier

Pre-cum makes me think of that movie Minority Report

Jul 24 09 - 8:48pm
Going Anon. for This Answer!

We use the pull-out method exclusively for years and it's been working fine. We've only used it in a time where getting pregnant is not a big deal; right now we'd be totally fine with a "mistake".

Jul 24 09 - 9:54pm
John Thomas

Personally I have always practiced, concurrently, the three forms over which I have control, condoms, rhythm and withdrawal.

Jul 26 09 - 11:50am

Yep: withdrawal works. Don't wait for the medical-pharma mainstream to admit it. They won't be able to sell you contraception anymore. That includes the quango gangs like 'babble'.

Jul 26 09 - 4:24pm
pulling out guy

So are we really sure on this? It seems like getting a definitive answer about whether pre-cum can get you pregnant should be readily accessible. Can someone let me know?

Jul 26 09 - 10:11pm

The problem with pulling out is that people need to be very clear about whether it's good method for them or not. If they're in a monogamous relationship and have both been tested for STDs, then it might be acceptable, especially if the couple accepts that it has a higher failure rate than the perfect use failure rate than for condoms, which is 2%. It's also a bad choice for teens, who are usually lacking in the self-control department.

Jul 26 09 - 10:32pm
Little Danny

My wife and I used a variant of pull out for about ten years without any mishaps. Bareback for a while, then use a condom to finish. Naturally, we weren't worried about STDs and an accidental pregnancy wouldn't be a huge deal.

Jul 27 09 - 11:33am

I used the pull-out method during my ten-year marriage and never got pregnant. I wouldn't necessarily advise it, as for all I know my ex-husband could have been sterile. (I now have a child, so I know I am capable of getting pregnant.)

Jul 28 09 - 12:55am


Jul 28 09 - 12:53pm

it's called a blowjob. bone your girlfriend, then let her give you a blow job. seems pretty simple to me.

Jul 29 09 - 8:24am

I owe my beautiful son to this sort of advice

Aug 05 09 - 1:01am

While I don't think it is a good idea to broadcast this kind of knowledge, I have been using the pull out method for years and have had no problem. I am allergic to the most available type of condom that fits my husband. Hormonal birth control causes mood swings and depressive episodes that disrupt my life. It is the best choice for me and since I am 100% sure I am in a monogamous and financial stable relationship....babies aren't the worst thing that could happen. Aids however...would be.

Sep 11 09 - 9:05am
no problems

I have been using the pull out method in my long term monogamous relationships for 30 years with no unintended pregnancies. I also fathered a child - on purpose by not pulling out - so I know I'm not sterile. It definitely does take self control, but its not *that* hard to learn. I don't advocate it for anything but monogamous relationships where both people have been tested (as in my cases) - but my partners and I have enjoyed years of condom-free, hot sex.

Oct 08 09 - 10:18pm
ibang oldlaidies

first off, i have 4 kids with four women, so i may not be the dude you should talk to about this, but the ones i did not knock up, what i did was pound that vagina hole and when i was going to cum, i forcefully shove my penis balls deep into her unlubed butthole and dump my gooey cum load in her bowels, some blood and discomfort on her end (rear end, lol!) its all good!

Aug 06 10 - 12:05am

I know it's risky behavior, and accidents can happen, but pulling out seems to work for me. I'll wear a condom if a girl asks. If she doesn't, I'll just make my deposit on her stomach. I don't know, maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones.