Miranda Kerr Learns Secret Topless Photo Shoots Won’t Stay Secret

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Model Miranda Kerr, who in recent months has been seen tied naked to a tree and left lying naked on a floor by various photographers, is at it again, this time for Victoria’s Secret.

Your first question probably is: since when did Victoria’s Secret do topless photos?

The answer: Victoria’s Secret doesn’t do topless photo shoots. This is what’s happening now: models takes off their clothes for a phtoo shoot in which, in the end, no private parts will be shown in the released versions. However, because pretty much every model is being stalked by at least ten paparazzi, someone invariably gets a bunch of boob photos of Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend and leaks them to the perverted internet.

And that’s exactly what happened here…

Click each photo for a new window, then again for the larger image. Via The Superficial.