Would You Want to Smell Like Amy Winehouse?


Rumor has it that Amy Winehouse has been offered more than $800,000 to launch a fragrance line. Apparently, the company in question wants to capture the essence of her "50s style," but all we can imagine right now, sadly, is something resembling the smell of Aqua Net and a crack pipe. So naturally, this story reeks of B.S. to us. But if it's true the $800,000 question is: what would Winehouse's perfume be called?


Commentarium (4 Comments)

Jul 27 09 - 1:45pm

"Midnight Alleyway"?

Jul 27 09 - 3:04pm

I remember back in the '70s Pete Rose was hawking Aqua Velva on TV with the slogan "When a man wants to smell like a man." Well, that's all well and good, but I'm thinking I don't really want to smell like Pete Rose (and that was even before he went to prison).

Jul 27 09 - 4:43pm

Brixton Sidewalk?

Jul 27 09 - 6:55pm

I'm thinking Skank Stank.