Do Not Like: Bikini That Dissolves in Water


Hey, guys! Apparently we're all still in junior high, because a bikini that dissolves in water is being called "the ultimate revenge gift... leaving a woman completely nude and embarrassed." In fact, it's being marketed to guys who have "recently been dumped." We're not sure why any woman would put on a swimsuit given to her by a guy she just dumped, but that's beside the point. As every woman who's come across it before we have has said: NOT COOL.

[Spike via Jezebel]

Commentarium (2 Comments)

Jul 31 09 - 2:42pm

This will be great for strip clubs and bare as you dare contests. Don't think any woman will be stupid enough to fall for it as a revenge prank.

Jul 31 09 - 6:10pm

... unless the intended victim already had a swimsuit similar enough to this one that the prankster could substitute the dissolving one for the regular one. Not a likely scenario, but possible.