Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks On Bacon, Deep Frying, and TV-Inspired Sex

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With the return of the AMC series mere weeks away, the always amazing-looking Christina Hendricks has an interview and photo spread in this month’s Esquire. While we’re sure that the pictures of Christina skulking around a trailer park dressed like Sandy in the final scene of Grease will have people drooling, it’s when she starts talking about her deep-fried cheese balls that we felt the need to declare our undying love:

I love to cook. I just got a deep fryer, and it’s amazing. The first night we got it, we made homemade poppers. I mean, what’s the best deep-fried thing ever? Cheese poppers.

And if that wasn’t enough:

Oh, my gosh, you’ve had chocolate-covered bacon, right? It’s so perfect.

She also points out that, as fabulous as the clothing looks on Mad Men, it also requires enough binding and squeezing that her girdle gives her bruises. So you may want to think twice before you decide to break out your best Joan Holloway at any upcoming costume parties.


Christina, if you ever read this: drop by our apartment anytime. We would deep-fry our rent check for you if you asked us to.


Via Esquire