Coffee’s Bad For Your Breasts, Damn It

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First things first, a disclaimer: if you’re (un)like us and hopelessly addicted to coffee and haven’t had yours yet this morning, you might want to skip this one…

…we wouldn’t want to ruin your day before 11am EST.

Drinking too much coffee can shrink women’s breasts, reports.

The study of 300 women by Swedish researchers from Lund University found a clear link between drinking coffee and smaller breasts.

Helena Jernstriem, author of the study, said drinking coffee would not shrink their breasts overnight and thus no worry is necessary.

She was quoted as saying “They will get smaller but the breasts aren’t just going to disappear.” [Food Consumer]

Of course, researchers have been bad-mouthing coffee and talking about the supposed health consequences of drinking it. But it’s too late now– practically nothing can stop anyone from drinking the Liquid Crack…