Finally, A Dating Event We'd Actually Go To...


An event being held in the Silicon Valley (an unfortunately-named place for a singles party) at the end of this month is the only networking event this month that won't be boring and leave you two hundred business cards down with nothing to show for it.

The Society of Single Professionals invites you to...

...The National Single Cougars Convention. This is exactly what we mean by "the perfect combination of ridiculous/sexist/hilarious" we're always talking about. Here's a snap of the bizarre invite:


Oh Lordy, Lordy... if only we lived in Silcione Valley... among all the other, uh, straight dudes who are so very single...

Via this link.

Commentarium (7 Comments)

Aug 06 09 - 10:41am

Brian, are you suggesting Silicon Valley is a homosexual hotbed? Because near as I can figure... that talked-about surplus is straight. Or asexual, actually. Shit, I SHOULD move.

Aug 06 09 - 12:11pm
Couger Hunter

If you're going, may want to wear this t-shirt:

Aug 06 09 - 7:35pm

Since I am fifty, I hunt grimalkins.

Aug 07 09 - 8:00pm

Scanner Brian needs to learn the difference between silicon and silicone. The former is found in computer chips and the latter in fake boobs.

Aug 09 09 - 9:05pm
Brian Fairbanks

Geebee, you don't think I did that on purpose?

Aug 12 09 - 6:43pm

cougars is an offensive term to replace dirty old men. women are allowed to be older than the men they choose to date. the sex will definitely be a better match.

Aug 23 09 - 4:13am

This is the first I've heard about this! I'm only a couple hours away from there so I just may have to go check it out. Younger men can be a lot of fun.