Join The New Transvestite Religious Cult


This story of an organized religion springing up in India writes itself: a group of transvestites have started to worship a Hindu love goddess... while dressed up in drag as that Hindu love goddess...

Thousands of devotees are now dressing up as Radha - the goddess lover of Krishna - like retired railwayman V K Saxena, 72.

"I can't put it into words properly but I feel more holy dressed as a woman," said Saxena of New Delhi.

"The Lord told me he wanted me as his bride."

But the cult has astonished traditional religious leaders.

Senior priest Mohammad Ahangar said: "There are many ways to be closer to the Lord without trying to be his girlfriend."

Mr. Ahangar, who's to say their unusual vision of God is less valid than your vision of God?

Via Ananova.

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Aug 18 09 - 4:58pm

despite the transphobic vibe of this post, i think this is beautiful

Aug 18 09 - 5:10pm
Brian Fairbanks

Sorry to have offended you. It was unintentional.

Sep 11 10 - 5:52pm

do you know how I could contact this cult? I would like to join this cult.