Pssst, Kid... Wanna See An MRI Of People Having Sex?


We all know you were Googling "X-ray sex" in some sort of comic book fantasy slipup, but you ended up here instead. It's okay-- this is science and we're all adults here. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Well, besides how weird getting freaky looks when seen through an MRI (starting at the 1:35 mark). YouTube explains:

Dr. Pek Van Andel, who won an Ig Nobel Prize for making the first MRI images of a couple's sex organs while those organs were in use, also made a video of the phenomenon. Here, more or less, is the world premiere of that video.

If you didn't think dicks looked weird or hilarious before, you probably do now. Thanks, medical advances.

(P.S. Photos of MRI sex have floated around the internet for years. This is the first time that we can remember seeing a video, although it may have been around awhile.)

Via BuzzFeed.

Commentarium (27 Comments)

Aug 19 09 - 8:20am

Yes it's always the penis that has to "look funny or hilarious" Would you have dared said that about female vaginas? Less misandry please, asshole

Jan 07 12 - 8:47am

i have a feeling this guy has been told he has a funny looking penis one too many times.

Jan 09 12 - 12:38pm

:) "like" for your answer Lori

Aug 19 09 - 10:27am

I mean... as a dude... it does. Conceptually female genetalia is almost as absurd, but on a purly aesthetic level, male junk is *really weird*. There is no value judgement to that, I don't think the penis is *distasteful* or somehow "lesser" due to it's weirdness... but it is weird.

Aug 19 09 - 2:55pm

Agreed. Penis=weird.

Jan 09 12 - 1:17pm

ya it is...u shud hav a weird in ur mouth

Aug 19 09 - 3:34pm

I think assholes look pretty weird and hilarious.

Aug 23 09 - 12:16pm

and he gets a nobel prize for this?

Aug 23 09 - 2:12pm

A Nobel Prize? This is no different from photocopying your genitals; the doc just has cooler toys at his disposal than do us typical office droids.

Aug 23 09 - 3:54pm

He was awarded an -Ig- Nobel prize, from the folks at the Annals of Improbable Research. Other notable Ig-Nobel winning work includes such gems as "the first scientifically recorded case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck".

Sep 28 10 - 5:00am
mallard duck

doin it 4 science

Oct 06 10 - 3:18pm

Female Vaginas? there are other kinds?

Jan 11 12 - 7:03pm

Manginas. :P

Oct 06 10 - 4:20pm
mr. man

i did not get a chubby watching this, but it was interesting to watch stuff slosh around in there.

Jan 11 12 - 1:15pm

Her parts were being rammed into!

Jan 07 12 - 4:00pm

the ultimate nerd porn!

Jan 08 12 - 4:18pm
flavor saver

does anyone else think that video looks alot like some pickled pigs feet sloshing around in a jar? mmmmmmmmmhm! i am hungry!

Jan 09 12 - 4:51am

have you ever been IN an MRI magnet? it's tiny. I am not fat but i feel cramped in there. I can barely imagine 2 people fitting in there at the same time (pygmies, maybe?) let alone move... the things people do in the name of science

Jan 09 12 - 8:49am

Coit is known since origin of species! All know how to do it naturally, even animals... To get a Nobel about telling us that you can see... it is ludicrous when the discoverer of the TEST PAP was refused the NOBEL price!

Jan 09 12 - 12:31pm
Achievement unlocked

this is what i was missing from my -porn to watch- list, now im done.

Jan 09 12 - 4:43pm
Jerry Mathers

Having a vagina myself, I think they're a lot weirder looking than a penis. A penis looks like pretty things in nature: a banana, a cucumber, or an elephant's nose, while the testicles look like cute kiwis, eggs, etc. I believe since the penis is so pleasing, there are many items that have been shaped like penises in our culture like rockets, airplanes, etc. What does a female vagina look like? A mussel. Ever really looked at a mussel in a shell? Not really that aesthetically pleasing. The only thing a vagina has going for it visually is that no two are the same. Look it up. There are no standards for the size or look of any parts of the vagina.

Jan 10 12 - 2:56am

You apparently have not been exposed to the art of Georgia O' Keefe...vaginas resemble many beautiful things in nature, lilies, roses, orchids and all manner of other flowers. Personally those things are way more attractive than rockets and airplanes or even bananas or other oblong fruit...the vagina is way more beautiful imo....

Jan 12 12 - 5:13am

Flowers? Are you mental? A vagina looks like a bulldog trying to chew bubble gum. Penises, on the other hand, are beautiful.

Jan 10 12 - 2:47pm

I have a beautiful penis.

Jan 12 12 - 3:08pm

You really do.

Jan 12 12 - 7:25pm

Vaginas look lIke a can of Tuna Fish!

Feb 11 12 - 12:52pm

I think its really funny that he gets a noble price for videotaping 2 people having sex under an MRI. Can't wait to see THIS in the adult movie section in a few weeks -.-