The highlight of our day so far is this six- (some say seven-) year-old girl grooving to the Jamaican dance hall reggae song "Décalé Gwada." Oh, and she's French-- if that helps with the cuteness factor...

The only part of this video that weirded us out a bit was when she runs her hands down her upper body. Are we just getting older and more conservative or is that totally inappropriate for a small child to be doing on YouTube?

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Aug 18 09 - 5:39pm

Not sure what happened to my previous comment-- but this video is classic. I think it's also a remake of the music video, which I seem to remember.

Aug 18 09 - 5:43pm
Brian Fairbanks

Nice catch, Egytiannie. Here's the official music video:


Aug 18 09 - 5:43pm

Maybe you said something about Brian-- so he deleted it.

Aug 18 09 - 5:47pm

No, Frantz. But I'm sure whatever you said deserved to be deleted.

Aug 18 09 - 5:52pm

Yeah, God forbid somebody would point out that there's a West Indian world outside of Jamaica. Jamaicans don't speak French, by the way. Riddle me that.

Aug 21 09 - 7:06pm

You're wierded out by hand motions? How about all the sex-imitating hip thrusts and pelvic swirls...?

Aug 21 09 - 7:24pm
Brian Fairbanks

Hand motions? No, just the part where she runs her hands down her breasts... obviously not weird.

Dec 30 09 - 9:10pm

Kids love to dance, and this one is very good at it. Breasts? She's seven, for crying out loud. Get over it.