Stripper Clothes… For Your Toddler

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Our brothers and sisters at Strollerderby have a story today that should give even the most hardcore anarchist child hater pause (no offense to anarchists): a baby shirt with stripper’s tassels on it…

Brett at Strollerderby has the outrage:

TwistedTwee… is selling t-shirts for babies and preschoolers that include nipple tassels, among other items.

The designer, Suzi Warren, told ParentDish via email that “The Nipple Tassel t-shirt was designed as a response to my own distaste at seeing mini versions of sexy clothes on young children. Five-year-olds wearing slashed mini skirts and boob tubes, little thumb-sucking Britneys.” I guess that’s like wearing blackface to protest racism? Mostly Warren is doing it to make money. At least I hope that’s why. If she honestly believes that this is an effective form of protest, I’d hate to think what she’d do with an issue like health care reform.

Here are some of the other items TwistedTee has for sale… “Achievement in Noise Pollution.” …“I’ve Done F*** All Today.” And “B is for Beer.” I wouldn’t buy those either. The “No Pictures” shirt is sort of funny. [Strollerderby]


This doesn’t strike us as being a particularly wise form of protest…