Having Small Boobs Can Be Entirely Awesome

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Did you enjoy that last post about small penises? Ladies, are you giggling yet?

Well, we were hoping you were a tad more mature than that… but we gents will take the high road and not mock your small boobs. (Full disclosure: everyone likes small boobs. Also: any boobs.)

YourTango decided to take that Asylum post called (an unlucky) 13 Reasons For Enjoy Your Useless Little Pecker and turn it into this: 7 Greatest Things About Having A Small Rack.

7. While all your girlfriends complain about their giant drooping breasts reaching their knees, you can feel good about the fact that your small drooping breasts will never make it past your waist.

6. Your chest has that chic Kate Moss look, and you didn’t even need to snort cocaine to make it happen.

5. Two words, with regard to men: eye contact.

4. No need to buy new bras after fourth grade.

3. Hours of fun as you and your man fight over who has the bigger breasts.

2. Nothing impeding the fabulous view of your giant gut.

1. The joy of being described by others as a girl with a pretty face and a really great personality.

There’s really only reason to enjoy your small boobs: because you look hot in them, damn it.