Sean Lennon Recreates Mom And Dad's Nude Photo


For this month's Purple (it's a magazine, says Twitter), one writer interviewed Sean Lennon and his Momma, Yoko Ono, in two separate pieces. But all that anyone cares about is this photo...

Recognize it? That's because it's a take on this one, the famed Rolling Stone cover shot taken the morning of John Lennon's murder.


The model is Sean's ladyfriend, Kemp Muhl. Not that anyone ever saw it, but she starred alongside Steven Tyler in that one (Carlos) Santana video about... whatever.

Also, do women readers of ours find Sean Lennon attractive? If 10,000 people read this post and only six comment, saying he's hot, we will have our answer, won't we?

Commentarium (21 Comments)

Sep 03 09 - 9:50am

Beautiful body. Lily white and sexy as hell.

Sep 03 09 - 10:39am

This photo has zero the heat, zero the chemistry, zero the art (not to mention relevance) of the original. He (Sean) shouldn't have bothered.

Sep 03 09 - 11:55am

sean lennon seems like a litte a-hole. so, no, he's not attractive and the picture is boring and prosaic. clothed man, and naked woman, ooo, interesting and never done before...

Sep 03 09 - 12:32pm
Emily Farris

Attractive? Meh. Would I kick him out of bed? Meh.

Sep 03 09 - 2:12pm

I agree: Meh.

Looks like he just used a camera phone to take the pic. Of you want to re-create it, RE-CREATE it. Use a real photographer.

Sep 03 09 - 3:08pm

What was beautiful about the original was John Lennon's vulnerability before a woman.

This has none of that. It actually seems somewhat skeevy.

Sep 03 09 - 7:32pm

He's funny looking

Sep 04 09 - 4:50pm

Luke has it exactly. This is a throwback, a typical exploitation picture. And Sean looks like a dweeb.

Sep 04 09 - 9:42pm

His eyes look as if they're half-closed, but not in an expression of ultimate bliss... I agree with anonymous-- it was all about John Lennon being nude and vulnerable. This pic has none of that.

Sep 05 09 - 2:13pm

Why is a nude man considered vulnerable while a naked woman has to be exploitative and skeevy?
I think the picture's sexy, fuck a double standard.

Sep 05 09 - 3:45pm

Sean looks fine (though I'm less certain of his personality), but he's no Dhani Harrison.

Sep 06 09 - 4:36am

If you look at it from an ethnic perspective, Sean Lennon (half-Japanese) is taking the place of Yoko Ono (Japanese) from the Rolling Stone photo with Kemp Muhl (Caucasian) taking the place of John Lennon (Caucasian). I agree with the people who say the pic isn't very sexy (it looks like a bad American Apparel ad, to be honest, and I don't find those sexy) and doesn't look great, possibly due to poor lighting. I make no comment on Sean Lennon's personality since I don't know him and haven't heard anything good or bad about him. Kemp looks hot, but Sean looks like he passed out drunk and someone took this pic for a Facebook laugh. ;P What's interesting about the original with Yoko and John is that it was an intimate portrait of the relationship between them, almost like a mother (clothed) and a her baby (naked). There's none of that in this Sean/Kemp pic, and in fact, I'm not really sure what the photographer was trying to achieve by taking this picture. I wouldn't really have a problem with this type of scenario of the man being clothed and the woman naked, if Sean at least looked more like he was really into Kemp and vice versa, instead of just looking like the aftermath of a kegger. That's just not sexy to me.

Sep 06 09 - 5:08pm


Sep 07 09 - 11:03am
Eliezer Pennywhistler

"And Sean looks like a dweeb."

Exactly how does anyone look like a dweeb? What are the salient visual characteristics, so I can divide the people I know (and see) into dweeb and non-dweeb?

Sep 08 09 - 6:22am

feels way to posed.

Sep 11 09 - 1:21pm

He's a lot more Yoko Ono than his girlfriend is John Lennon.

Sep 15 09 - 3:28pm

Yeah, he's hottttt.

Oct 02 09 - 12:46pm

I think he looks weird and dead-ish in the picture. She is very pretty, though!

Dec 12 09 - 3:31am

Just so you guys know, (this is Sean from the photo in question), the pic was totally spontaneous and not premeditated. I was tired and sweaty, and not trying to achieve anything meaningful. They just snapped the shot, and that was that. I may not be handsome, but I certainly wasn't trying to be glamorous or deep..just a snapshot taken by our friend Terry. Everyone takes this photo way too seriously. I didn't even know they were using it til it came out. So if you think I'm a 'dick' just because of what you read from this photo, there really is no point in attempting to interpret it. Frankly, it's not a very good picture, is what I think.

Dec 22 09 - 2:48pm
Mal Rainey

Sean, good on ya. You can't be held responsible for every idea that photographers, or the media, have. Some ideas work great, others don't. But they're worth a try, right? As a straight bloke, for what my opinion's worth, you look fine. Your woman looks great too, it has to be said! Let people obsess and criticise, but never stop trying. Do what you do. Don't stop making sounds mate!

Feb 26 10 - 12:37pm