Your Nude Levi Johnston Dreams May Still Come True

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TMZ is reporting that Levi Johnston – perhaps the only person on earth to benefit from John McCain’s choice to make Sarah Palin his running mate – is finalizing the details of his upcoming shoot for Playgirl. Once we heard Johnston chose the soft-core porn mag for his (let’s face it, inevitable) nude shoot, we had abandoned all hope at Scanner HQ that we might get a glimpse of Levi’s manhood. Picked ostensibly because “the ladies” read it – a patent untruth, as the magazine is about as hetero as Lance Bass – Playgirl just didn’t seem like the kind of place that would go all the way with our Alaskan eye candy.

But now, surprisingly, comes word that Johnston is debating whether to show off “the front or the back” in his photos, and our hope is revived. We thought his handlers were a bit more prudish than that, but now it seems clear that Johnston is merrily skipping his way down the path to actual gay porn.

We give it eight months.