Hell Yeah– Californication Sex Scenes Are Back

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Thank God Californication will be back on TV on the 27th. There’s been a definite lack of boobs in the news lately. These screenshots from an upcoming episode feature the lovely Kristine Blackport, 2009’s next breakout star.

Star David Duchovny commented on the new season’s wild sex in an interview we ran earlier this week:

“I’m the one to say something is too crass. I turn into the house prude. I’ll say, ‘This is just nasty!'”

“I don’t want to be as flip as I was in the past [in interviews.] It’s an area that’s fraught with. … It’s not something I want to discuss so lightly.”

And he urges fans and critics alike not to pass him off as a pervert because of his past problems. [SFGate]




More screenshots and a download of the full-on sex scene here.