Bikini Baristas In Trouble For Serving Nakedness

When we first reported on the emerging bikini barista craze, we speculated that it would be only a matter of time before a huge nude scandal brought them down. It appears that time is approaching quicker than we thought...

If these coffee huts need someone to hire now that a large portion of their staff has been busted (for flashing the bajinas, no less), we have some suggestions:




Lily Allen might even do a benefit concert there-- topless, of course:


Photos via here, here, here, and here. Story from Fox News (of course.)

Commentarium (8 Comments)

Sep 24 09 - 4:14pm

I keep waiting to hear all those topless/bikini places have been shut down by OSHA after a bad scalding incident. It's only a matter of time...

Sep 24 09 - 4:26pm

Looks like that's a bar not a coffee house. Witness the selection of scotch on the shelf and the beers on the counter (And the drunk chick on the shoulders). Also, something about it looks like it was taken overseas to me.

Sep 25 09 - 8:17pm

This is why we are so fat, people. We are not even willing to get out of our cars and walk a few steps to a strip club to see a naked girl. On another note, some of the other reports of this -ahem- bust claimed for $20, you could get a girl-girl show AND a coffee. This is a better recession remedy that TARP.

Sep 25 09 - 8:18pm

"than TARP"

Oct 05 10 - 12:04pm

Yeah, those do look like European boobs. But the smokes look yankee.

Oct 05 10 - 12:05pm

Oh, and of course it's a bar, it makes that no secret. Note the title of the photo, bar2.jpg

Dec 22 10 - 1:24pm

If you took the time to read it said right before the pictures : "If these coffee huts need someone to hire...we have some suggestions"