David Letterman Admits To Having Sex With Staffers

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In one of the most shocking moments on television this year, David Letterman admitted during a living taping yesterday that he has had sex with members of his staff and was then the victim of a $2 million dollar extortion plot. It made for bonanza television and the first genuine big-news sex scandal in months…

Letterman apparently spent Thursday morning testifying before a Manhattan grand jury about the alleged extortion, which Gawker and other sources hint may have been carried out by someone other than the staffers. The accused claimed to have evidence of Letterman's dalliances with the ladies, evidence that would be made to disappear if the talk show host would be so kind as to write a very large check.

Instead, Letterman notified police, who instructed him to make the check out to the criminal, who was then busted accepting it. The 62-year-old funnyman must have understood this trial would come to light sooner or later, so he announced the facts of the case to his stunned studio audience as soon as the day's taping began. He has yet to comment publicly on how this will affect his recent marriage to a woman he's been with for more than two decades.

"My response to that [allegation of sexual relationships] is, 'Yes I have.' Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would," Letterman said.

"Especially for the women," he managed to joke. [ABC News]

We've been waiting for a video that won't be taken down. In the meantime, here's some silent footage with Larry King narration:


UPDATE: Either the staff members were involved in a conspiracy or someone got wind of the goings-on and went rogue, because Letterman refers to the culprit as "a guy." See here.

UPDATE: Here's the entire admission: