Is This SYMS Ad Sexist, Offensive, or Hilarious?


Jezebel alerted us to an ad that seems to suggest that you can forget a woman's name, present her with dead flowers, laugh at her for having opinions, make her pay for dinner (the nerve of some people!), and generally come off like Tucker Max without any of the "charm," as long as... wear the right suit.

Jezebel had this reaction:

According to [this commercial], if a guy is wearing a suit from SYMS he can treat his date like garbage and she'll still have sex with him. After all, what woman can resist a crappy $99 suit? [Jezebel]

Sarcasm aside, the headline noted that SYMS is suggesting "Women Reward Unsuitable Behavior With Sex," even if they're doing it as a joke. What do you think? Are you offended by the ad or did you find it clever?

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Oct 07 09 - 11:14am

Rubbish. Tivo right through it...

Oct 07 09 - 12:15pm

Where were girls like that when I was in the dating pool?

Oct 07 09 - 12:51pm

I find it offensive because it's a stupid ad, not because it's sexist. The ad is basically saying "You can be a shitty date, but if you look hot (in that suit) she may still want to fuck you when the night is over." Which, in fact, is true! Not always, of course, but if the other person wants to get laid enough it can certainly happen. Many of us have enjoyed a one-night stand with someone we find repulsive as a person, but hot as a sex object: that's what one-night stands are for.

Besides, I'm also thoroughly tired of Jezebel's "let's trawl the net for things we can get offended by" righteous indignation schtick, which is of no benefit to anyone or anything except the posters' sense of smug self-satisfaction. So a pox on both their houses, really.

Dec 15 09 - 4:16pm
New England Virgin

Even though I worked at Syms, and was not afraid to use my discount when purchasing a good suit, no girl ever eyeballed me in the same manner....hence my remaining a virgin. Thanks for nothing Sy!