Awkward Family Photos-- From the Early 1900s


The folks at BuzzFeed have put together an exhaustive set of family photos from 1900-1930, all of which appear to have been posted on Flickr recently. Sit back on the porch swing, relax with a soda pop, and enjoy these gems from the world's vaults...

Among the best are these:


Scary: there was a time when this was acceptable family photography. Scarier: in 2009, it's apparently acceptable for Obama haters to use the same image as a joke.




Grandpa taught us how to pick up chicks.


No, that's not my brother. It's just some guy I was wrestling... in the nude.


This rarely-seen family photo was instantly banned in 82 countries.


The Wright Brothers reunion was marred by feats of one-upmanship, drunken venting, and bare-knuckle brawls.


This was, uh, taken when we were in Europe. For a week. That's what they do there with their sisters, I'm tellin' ya's...

For the rest of the glorious photos, minus our brilliant reportage, click here.

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