Lucy Liu Nude Photos Resurface

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Lucy Liu has been off our cultural radar for some time now. Besides the Charlie's Angels movies, when was the last time you remember seeing her on screen? Her latest film is actually a documentary in which the actress doesn't even appear– she's the narrator, but it's been getting rave reviews on the East Coast after screening at the Woodstock Film Festival recently.

Redlight, described as "a powerful feature documentary about child sexploitation, an epidemic happening in every country around the world," is not exactly the kind of movie you'd expect marketing teams to promote with nude photos of the celebrity actress at its center. And we're not saying a publicist for the film sent these nudes to us– no, we're pretty sure it's just somebody who read about the movie and realized, like us, that they hadn't seen Lucy around for awhile and, now that you mention her, he has some vintage nudes of the Ally McBeal star tucked away.

Really, we have no problem posting these, although we wonder a) where they came from and b) if maybe there's perhaps something else to promote so we don't have to feel gross about this.