Lucy Liu Nude Photos Resurface


Lucy Liu has been off our cultural radar for some time now. Besides the Charlie's Angels movies, when was the last time you remember seeing her on screen? Her latest film is actually a documentary in which the actress doesn't even appear-- she's the narrator, but it's been getting rave reviews on the East Coast after screening at the Woodstock Film Festival recently.

Redlight, described as "a powerful feature documentary about child sexploitation, an epidemic happening in every country around the world," is not exactly the kind of movie you'd expect marketing teams to promote with nude photos of the celebrity actress at its center. And we're not saying a publicist for the film sent these nudes to us-- no, we're pretty sure it's just somebody who read about the movie and realized, like us, that they hadn't seen Lucy around for awhile and, now that you mention her, he has some vintage nudes of the Ally McBeal star tucked away.

Really, we have no problem posting these, although we wonder a) where they came from and b) if maybe there's perhaps something else to promote so we don't have to feel gross about this.






Commentarium (38 Comments)

Oct 19 09 - 4:03pm

Now that's a wave of destruction that is easy on the eyes.

Oct 19 09 - 5:06pm

That is very good stuff. Indeed.

Oct 19 09 - 7:57pm

who didn't save those pics the first time around?

Oct 19 09 - 9:54pm

hot Asian chick with freckles Mmmmmm

Oct 19 09 - 11:07pm

She's so unbelievably gorgeous. I want a Lucy Liu.

Oct 20 09 - 7:36am
marcus agrippa

those are divine!!!

Oct 20 09 - 2:45pm

These have been available for years now. It's nice to see them "resurface" though. Now if only Lucy Liu would do the same.

Oct 21 09 - 4:13pm

You guys think she's hot? To asians she is considered BUTT Ugly. if you want to see truly hot Asians, check out the Koreans. Do a google search on Song Hye Gyo, Hyori Lee. Korean girls are truly stunning compared to other Asians. Lucy liu is the type of girl that only Asian Fetishist think is pretty.

Mar 26 11 - 1:46pm

twekewl, so you're saying you *wouldn't* fuck her? I call shenanigans.

Oct 21 09 - 8:27pm

Korean girls that tewkewl mentioned are pretty because of the plastic surgery they get, so to say that they're "truly stunning compared to other Asians" is a bit unfair.

Oct 21 09 - 11:30pm

Korea #1 Plastic Surgery in the World.

Oct 21 09 - 11:54pm

Honestly every Asian culture has it's ugly and good looking women. In my opinion Filipino and Indonesian women look the best....Koreans are ok...and I've seen sum very beautiful Vietnamese girls

Oct 22 09 - 11:24am

Hey, tewkewl, I just looked up your hot Koreans and they look like white girls that used to be Asian.

Oct 22 09 - 1:15pm

FACT#1) Song Hye Gyo and Lee Hyori are both natural. Go do a search before spreading rumors.

FACT #2) Song Hye Gyo and Lee Hyori don't look white. They look hotter than any white girl who has ever existed.

Alright, that second one's an opinion, but I stand by it.

Lucy Liu is pretty enough. I think a lot of white dudes have a thing for her though cuz she has that geisha girl look that many of them have a fetish about.

Oct 22 09 - 4:12pm

song hye gyo may not have had surgery, but hyori has confessed to having a nose job. get off your high horse about people spreading rumors because you don't have your facts straight either.

Oct 23 09 - 12:11am

Yeah, I think she's hot. You got a problem with that?

Oct 23 09 - 4:45am

hey loser, song hye gyo looks like an uglier version of zhang ziyi who's what? right, chinese, not korean. koreans are the most beautiful in the world...HAHA what a load of BS. theyre all losers who smell like crap.

Mar 07 12 - 4:46am

Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
out of their sockets.

I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It'd be hilarious to see you
begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain.

STFU, before you get your face bashed in and cut
to ribbons, and your throat slit.

Oct 23 09 - 4:48am

yourmom - oh, you mean when she confessed it here:

That show is what started the rumor. She was asked by the host to make a piggy nose, but she said she couldn't because she's had plastic surgery. But then she laughed and did it anyways. It's this second part that many people conveniently forget to mention for some reason. Wonder why? Do you know, yourmom? I mean, you do have your facts straight after all. Hehe.

Oct 25 09 - 5:26pm

Koreeun patriotizm
Ur doin it rong.

Nov 02 09 - 1:38pm

I had the good fortune to meet and talk to Lucy. She is much more attractive in person, incredibly tiny and fine featured... and a truly warm and approachable person. While i find these photos to be very hot, she looks somewhat hard or rough in them. She looks prettier up close.

Nov 13 09 - 7:26pm

Charlie, oh where is charlie?

Nov 24 09 - 1:56am

I agree... I've been to Korea and while I always hear some crazy remarks about, "Oh, Korea has a LOT of beautiful Korean woman..." (usually always from the mouth of another Korean) I saw a lot of plain Asians. I do give Korean women proprs for being put together though. That would make your average 5 or 6 become a 6 or 7 immediately. Brazil and German has some beautiful woman. Thailand has some beautiful lady girls... lol I joke. Every country has their fair share.

Dec 07 09 - 4:26am

It's funny how you can look at the comments thread on almost anything ever posted on the web and see a bunch of idiots. How can you say that to all Asians Lucy Liu is butt ugly? That's a retarded thing to say. One person can never know what "all" of any group of people think. Quit being a loser and move on.

Jan 05 10 - 8:08am

oh & i envy u xx for gettin a wonderful oppurtunity in meetin Lucy. i wish i were u

Jan 05 10 - 11:30pm

the photographer for all of them is michel comte. his work is stellar

Mar 25 10 - 8:23am

@tewkewl I belive you are just looking to her face.. unfortunately, it's not the face ppl think when they say "hot" to that girl.

I took a look to the ones u suggested and lucy lius body is pretty much hotter than both of them.

Apr 11 10 - 12:28am

A cougerr now, but still I wouldn't even think twice ... hell... I wouldn't even blink

Jun 28 10 - 11:16am
Motorola Pimp

Just lovely want 2 c more

Jul 09 10 - 7:15am

Never been a huge Lucy Liu fan; I always thought she was just OK. But anyway, am I the only one who noticed the author had said "maybe there's perhaps something else to promote so we don't have to feel gross about this"? What the hell is wrong with him where he'd feel "gross" about tasteful nudes?

Jul 14 10 - 9:24pm

re: Akadros: the "gross" part is referring to her latest project being a documentary about child sexploitation and nerve posting nudes of her in this article updating us on Lucy.

Jul 19 10 - 5:49pm

The argument about who has the hottest AZNs is awesome. Also, nice pics.

Sep 03 10 - 9:59am

I've wanted to see more of her since Ally Mc Biel. Gorgeous.

Dec 11 10 - 11:51pm

i lov her

Jul 25 11 - 11:58am

she is hot and sultry.want to see more of you on tv.

Nov 19 11 - 7:29pm

I want her to for a long time

Mar 06 12 - 5:16pm

Nice. I also like Korean women and don't mind the aftermarket stuff they do. If it makes them feel good then you (the guy) benefit (if you know what I mean).

Mar 28 12 - 7:47pm
william from brazil

awesome, the prettiest asian actress i know....