Lunchtime Link Love: Everything But Marriage

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Apparently, Steve Phillips is headed to rehab to treat his sex addiction– for the second time. It seems there were some sexual harassment allegations when he worked for the Mets.

Simon Cowell’s worst nightmare is coming true– a bunch of talentless twits are going to win on one of his “competition” shows– and it couldn’t happen to a guy more deserving of some karmic retaliation, after what we’ve been subjected to thanks to his seal of approval over the years.

Joe Lieberman is back to ruin America again. Thanks a lot, Connecticut general election voters.

Gizmodo likes these ass-speakers and it cannot lie.

“A federal judge has denied emergency requests from opponents of Washington’s new ‘everything but marriage’ same-sex domestic partner law to suspend a ban on big campaign contributions and a requirement that those donors identify themselves.”

And the HPV vaccine has finally been approved for young males up to the age of 26.