Lunchtime Link Love: Heidi Klum, Dressed Only In Chocolate

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Via Fleshbot

“The process for removal of a sitting president – removal for any reason – is within the province of Congress, not the courts,” ruled a Judge who tossed another one of those loony lawsuits.

It truly is taking over the world: there’s now a Twilight restaurant opening in Washington State.

If you didn’t have Jon Gosselin before, you’ll certainly hate him after hearing about what his current girlfriend has to say about him. On TV.

A guy sent out Christmas cards featuring his naked ex-girlfriend– without her wishes, of course. (He’s now been sentenced to two years of probation.)

The Wii may get Netflix streaming next year, which basically ends our need to ever own a DVD player.

Want to see a bunch of ultra-thin jailbait supermodels strip to their underwear? Then you’ll love this strange bit of YouTube promotion for the group 350.

And did you know that some urban legends are actually true?