Naked Gretchen Rossi Photos Featured On Real Housewives

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Last night’s season premiere of the Desperate Housewives of Greedytrash, California featured a long segment about star Gretchen Rossi’s nude photo scandal, which continues to threaten to keep this show on the air.

Rossi’s fellow backstabbers trashed her in the episode, probably wishing they were getting all that publicity:

In the episode, Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson meet for lunch and discuss their disdain for Rossi, complaining about her inappropriate internet photos.

At one point, Barney asks Gunvalson, “There’s a picture of her with a vibrator laying on a bed with a cord, I’m like, ‘Holy Mother of Gynecology! Who has a vibrator with a cord?’”

Later, Rossi addresses the photo scandal, saying that the photos were made public without her knowledge and that she is embarrassed by them.

She says the pictures were taken when she was mourning the death of her husband and was “in a dark place.” [Daily News]

Now do you understand why we’re annoyed and bitching in this post? She went there. She played the “dead husband” card to explain why she had pictures of herself masturbating and peeing (we’re hoping that’s what it was in the below pic):

I mean, is this show going to be the big write-in candidate for the Peabodies next year or what?