Eva Mendes Joins The Nipple Slip Club


Eva Mendes, easily one of the sexiest celebrities alive, was at the premiere of the new Nicholas Cage-led Werner Herzog film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which has nothing to do with the Bad Lieutenant that stars Harvey Keitel's penis.

Apparently, the low-budget movie needs some more free publicity, so they asked Eva Mendes to create her first public nipple slip. (You'll recall her groundbreaking work in television.) Thankfully, "they" also sent us the photos, just to make sure we didn't miss it.



At the same event, she said that she would "never" do the Resident Evil movies, even though she was rumored to be taking over the lead recently. Oh well, those are all PG-13 flicks anyway...

More photos here.

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Nov 10 09 - 8:26pm

Nothing against Werner Herzog, but if Nick Cage thinks that starring in one of Herzog's films will help get him out of his financial mess, we now understand fully how he got into that mess in the first place!

Nov 11 09 - 3:43am


Nov 11 09 - 6:18pm

Set them free!!