Joanna Krupa's Playboy Shoot Finally Leaks


Ah, yes... we've been waiting for this one. After weeks of anticipation (and total boredom, thanks to the complete lack of naked celebrities lately), Joanna Krupa's new Playboy shoot has finally hit the world wide internets.

Is there anything sexier than a naked woman still wearing her shoes, especially these goofy heels?





Krupa, by the way, received all 9's in her last appearance on Dancing With The Stars-- she's now our odds-on favorite to walk away with the top prize... whatever that is. We've clearly all won the booby prize today-- har har.


Commentarium (5 Comments)

Nov 18 09 - 12:04pm

Wow. She's gorgeous.

Nov 19 09 - 7:41pm

wow!!! she's amazing.

Nov 19 09 - 8:00pm
Jim R

So much for her winning it all.

Dec 08 09 - 6:53pm
Brazilian Bikini Lover

Have seen Joanna in person modeling swimwear on the runway, amazing beauty and sure even more captivating stripped down!

Jan 05 10 - 11:47pm
Jonah m

She's got a realllllly nice ass!