While You Were Sleeping: The Model Who Disrobed


From the makers of Goodnight Moon comes... Goodnight Keith Moon. Brilliant until about page four when the site will crash on you.

It turns out Senator John Ensign's sex scandal was discovered by his lover's husband after the Nevada Republican sent a text message love note haiku thingy.

SXSW announced 200 more bands you haven't heard of for the 2010 fest.

Twitter users have the worst excuses for cheating on your significant others.

Lindsay Lohan is doing what she should be doing for a change -- she's apparently talking with a counselor a couple days a week.

"Five male high school students have been arrested on suspicion of sexual battery after two girls reported being groped at school.  One of the two ninth grade female victims told Poly High School officials that they had been groped on their breasts, genitals, and buttocks Tuesday at lunch." Don't schools teach kids about sexual harassment anymore?

Kathleen Neill, the model who disrobed for Zach Hyman at the Met Museum, succeeded in getting her public lewdness charge dismissed. Hooray for free boobies...

And a nude photo of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski from happier times is set to go up for auction, but you can see the unedited version below:


Commentarium (1 Comment)

Nov 25 09 - 12:30pm

The twitter thing is pretty funny. Although, I misunderstood the first time, and thought that I was going to be redirected to a list of tweets that people had used to tell people that they were cheating. Like "Totally went home with that dude last night after you left the bar @Myboyfriendjake" That would have been funnier.